Monday, July 21, 2008

Meeting of the full PBC - July 2 - hWg 33

And the saga continues...Tim White


Anonymous said...

If the job was specified with a ten-year warranty, and the contractor is now saying he can't deliver that, isn't that essentially not meeting the specifications of the bid? Did the other bidders guarantee ten years? If the bidding contractor had issue with this, shouldn't he have notified before bidding, and isn't this the same type of thing as the burner control business?

You know something is up when these questions are easily answered with either a "yes" or "no". All of the questions above get a "yes". And "yes", we are getting screwed.

Anonymous said...

If the bidder gave a 10 year guarantee then he should eat the cost of the additional 5 years.

Remember he said he wouldn't charge a penny more.

Anonymous said...

Lots of red flags going up on this activity. Could it be that if these guys can’t get the simple stuff right without lots of back and forth that less simple stuff will be over looked?

Who is checking everything out on this system to verify that it will function safely under all circumstances? As a parent of a number of school age kids I hope we haven’t entrusted that little item to this particular vender since he seems unable to get simple stuff like warranty terms correct up front.

Will he be capable of insuring the system works safely on day one and for years into the future? Visible oversight of this activity seems required.

Let's not forget that accidents do happen when you least expect them. The town park temporary stage comes to mind as a recent accident involving a town supported activity where non-employees were injured.