Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flag retirement on Sunday July 20

On Sunday July 20 (from 1pm to 3pm) at Town Hall, State Rep. Al Adinolfi will be collecting American flags that are no longer serviceable and need a proper retirement. The Governor's Horse Guard will be present. And if you didn't know, retirement includes burning the flags... but not desecrating the flags. Flag desecration is bad... flag burning is not necessarily bad.

And speaking of the Governor's Horse Guard... or actually her Foot Guard... it reminds of a 4th district resident who is the longest serving member of the Foot Guard... must be close to 60 years now! His story is amazing... served in the Battle of the Bulge... and I believe he was shot in the face even. Somehow he survived though and returned to CT, whereupon he joined the Governor's Foot Guard and has been serving since. Great story... and one reason why I enjoy this political stuff... just meeting people and hearing their stories.

Tim White

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