Saturday, July 19, 2008

Costs of proposed ND begin

From the MRJs Leslie Hutchison:

SOUTHINGTON - The overpass on Route 10 at the intersection with Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike is scheduled to be demolished next year. The state Department of Transportation confirmed in June that plans are under way for the reconstruction of the roadway that will create a four-way ground-level intersection.

That project should allow area roads to
accommodate increased traffic that's expected from the construction of a lifestyle center on the Cheshire-Southington town line, according to traffic engineers.

The story continues:

The town has pushed for changes to the Route 10 overpass for some time. "It's been on the (state's) back burner for five or six years," Tranquillo said.

Meanwhile, while the Town is finally taking positive action on its portion of the Route 42 flooding problem... what exactly is happening with the state's portion of the intersection of Route 42 and King Road?? (A problem of which the state was aware more than five or six years ago.)

I wish I had a billion dollars to run a campaign... and not my own campaign... and not a campaign for Republicans or Democrats. But I'd love to run an anti-incumbent campaign... targeting the "power brokers" who feel they can do as they please, ignore real concerns and yet never be held accountable.

Tim White

h/t to VF!


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with the present intersection. Just another CTDOT wasteful boondoggle like the billion dollar train shed

Anonymous said...


Do you know the lyrics to Alice Cooper's "I want to be elected"? google it if you don't. I don't think this two party system works in this the 21st century. We need a third party a real party "The World Party"

May the best person win from as many parties as they like. Whoever gets the most votes wins and that's that. One six year term only, and if they suck we the people should be able to get rid of them and run a new election until we get the right person for the job!

Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

It's the "Wild" party not the world party!!

Mike R

Alice Cooper's "Elected"

I'm your top prime cut of meat, I'm your choice,
I wanna be elected,
I'm your yankee doodle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce,
I wanna be elected,
Kids want a saviour, don't need a fake,
I wanna be elected,
We're all gonna rock to the rules that I make,
I wanna be elected, elected, elected.

I never lied to you, I've always been cool,
I wanna be elected,
I gotta get the vote, and I told you 'bout school,
I wanna be elected, elected, elected,
Hallelujah, I wanna be selected,
Everyone in the United States of America.

We're gonna win this one, take the country by storm,
We're gonna be elected,
You and me together, young and strong,
We're gonna be elected, elected, elected,
Respected, selected, call collected,
I wanna be elected, elected.

"And if I am elected
I promise the formation of a new party
A third party, the Wild Party!
I know we have problems,
We got problems right here in Central City,
We have problems on the North, South, East and West,
New York City, Saint Louis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles,
Detroit, Chicago,
Everybody has problems,
And personally, I don't care."

Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

Off we go, tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect, pave and pave.

Don;t be a dork, its time for more pork.

So what if the state is flat broke, fiscal responsibility is just a joke

Get on the ball, subsidize the mall.

You're here to surf, so buy some turf.

So what if there's a fine overpass for your car, we've done useless make work projects since FDR.

As long as the contractor isn't in the slammer, we can send them out with the jackhammer

and if you think the environment is something we should save, well that just proves you live in a CAVE.

Come one , come all, strap on your hard hat.

Welcome to Cheshire's brave new world, courtesy of Matt.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the sincere motivation, I live in the area particualr intersection a change is need.

TT comingfrom the north, most likely going to the truck stop in Milldale, build up a fast speed coming from the light at 691. Too often their brakes are slammed just in time to avoid an accident at this intersection.

In general the traffic is so bad in this area where some of us live, we can only get out of our driveways by going in the direction of the traffic on our side of the street.

How about the water run off in this area? There are no catch basin from the 691 bridge to the current four way interestion. The flooding in our yards is overwelming....

Anonymous said...

You think a sea of asphalt is going to make a left turn onto 10 easier?

Frankly, I don't agree., I've gone to the Sam the Clam's takeout lots of time and if you are willing to wait a couple of minutes you have no trouble turning left onto 10 south.

So, we are going to build a whole new intersection so as to put in catch basins?...sounds like the I-84 debacle all over again

Anonymous said...

How the hell is a 4 way intersection going to improve anything more than a few contractor wallets and some paid off state DOT employees?

Anonymous said...

Wild Thing-You Make My Heart Sing--You Make Everything Groovy--Wild Thing.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the W/S site plan. I thought they were going to file in May.

Is it because the only tenant they can get is McDonald's. Didn't Sean Strollo give as his reason for approval, that he couldn't even get a hamburger when he went to the northend without going out of town.

Anonymous said...

Why is the state involved? W/S said they would pay for any road improvements.