Friday, July 25, 2008

Meeting of the full PBC - June 4 (part 2) - hWg 35

When I originally posted the PBC minutes from June 4, I didn't include the last paragraph. Here's the full text:Tim White


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the same old BS we get from any town representative when we are doing business with a Bowman.

Anonymous said...

This whole process is ridiculous! Funny how the PBC was so quick to dump CCC over a small price increase yet this project hasn't moved forward that smoothly with delays, issues, change orders, etc. And now it still won't be finished until later in September. The PBC seems to be bending over backwards for W/B. It just convinces me more that this was a fixed bid from the get go.

Tim, you never posted the full text of the corruption memo. Is CCC pursuing their lawsuit?

tim white said...

you never posted the full text

let me try to find it. I know I have it, but it's not handy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the last paragraph is just an excuse or a way to try to fend off negative comments. Sorry, it's not going to work.