Sunday, July 13, 2008

08/09 Capital Budget proposal

By Charter, the TMs proposal for the town's "capital expenditure plan" (capital budget) must be completed and delivered to the Council by July 15. This year, the TM finished it several days early. Here's his high-level proposal for the next five years:I haven't read it yet, but will. And will provide you with more info over the next month or so.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What is the big expediture for sewer and water in 09-10(DR) or 10-11 (TM)??
Thats a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

What is DR, Tm and TC?

What is $10,400,000 for sewers and water?

I'm sick and tired of having to pay for everybody else's sewer and water. I have my own well and septic tank. These two things cost me a lot of money, much more than people using municipal services. Talk about subsidizing the pool, let's start having users of these service start paying their fair share. Why do I have to pay for my own and then be responsible for subsidizing other?

Why should I have to pay for W/S's impact on the sewer plant? Why do we have to bear the cost of their impact, while the greedy developers make big money at the expense of everyone else.

As far as the cost of water, the regional water authority should pay for all costs and figure out how to bill the users properly. If anything the regional water authority should pay Cheshire for every gallon of water they suck out of the Cheshire wells. If you don't think the regional water company is not a money making business, your kidding yourself. The management of the regional water company is making big bucks and collecting bonuses while they stick it to the taxpayers.

How much water is sucked out of Cheshire and sold out of town?

Anonymous said...

DR= Departmrnt Request
TM=Town Manage Request
TC= Town Council Request
Those of us who have sewrws paid a big chunk just to hook up. We also pay an annual sewer tax of $425, whether we have 1 bathroom or 6 bathrooms.
I understand that we need to keep the sewer system intact. This town can't handle everyone using wells and septic. We also have drainage issues.
Is that expenditure for sewer and water coming from the taxes collected for sewage use or from the town budget?
It is nearsighted to think we don't want to say we won't pay for sewers and water.
There are many public facilites that we use that need sewers and water and it needs to be paid for somehow.
I am just curious what the big expenditure is. Is it for the northend? If so, how much is w/s paying?

Anonymous said...

Hope you can post some details for some of these numbers. Curious to know what makes up the $4,195,000 and the $2,275,000 for the first two years for the Dept. of Ed.

Anonymous said...

We have enough houses in this town. Stop building.