Friday, July 25, 2008

08/09 Capital budget - pool energy project

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I finally went to the pool just the other day. Here's my opinion of it:
My husband and I wanted to go early, like at 10:00 to avoid the hot afternoon sun. Plus that's the time that the website said it opened for "public swimming." Luckily I called first as I wanted to ask if we should bring our own chairs.
I found out that we couldn't come at 10:00 because of some event - public swimming was at 1:00 that day and the next. That was my first disappointment. The woman on the phone admitted that they do have to turn people away who aren't aware of the changed hours. The charge for a day pass was still $8.00 even though they didn't open at 10:00.
So we go at 1:00, lug our chairs because there's none available and I don't want to sit on the hard cement or the grass area.
You can't sit at the picnic tables with the umbrellas and catch any rays. And who would want to sit on the hard metal bleachers. A woman in front of us at the desk said she was just there to watch her daughter swim and that she wasn't going to swim.(I didn't see her daughter with her or anywhere for that matter.) She went in with no charge. Then it was our turn - I showed the lady at the desk my license to prove I was a resident and when my husband was going to give her his, she said she didn't need it. I said, well, I guess you know he's a resident too then. She said I had a good point and glanced at his license too. That made no sense that she wouldn't check all licenses.
I thought there was supposed to be a vendor selling food, but all they had was one snack machine and a drink machine located in the lobby area - quite a distance from the area we were sitting.
I was disappointed also that the swimming area in the low end was as small as it was. There were swim lanes roped off taking up a lot of room. They should have the lanes roped off in the deeper end if you ask me.
I could see that the pool bottom was peeling and in need of repair. The metal edge running inside the pool also looked pitted or rusty in some spots.
The bathrooms were also not very clean.
Would I go back again? Not likely.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the pool study committee? We keep sinking money into this hole and we don't seem to be getting anywhere.