Monday, September 27, 2010

Jimmy Sima to discuss NG pipelines for schools

For the past year, I've been covering the expansion of natural gas pipelines in Cheshire. I started in September 2009 here and here, mentioned it again in December 2009 and continued in February 2010 here and here. But at this point, we're finally seeing the town government discuss the potential value of the increased NG capacity.

In August of this year, the BOE began talk of using NG to heat Norton and Doolittle. And in September (see here, here and here) I began to understand and explain some of the details of how households could take advantage of the new Yankee Gas pipelines. But a central part of the Council and BOE natural gas discussions begins on Wednesday.

The Planning Committee's Chairman, Jimmy Sima, has a meeting scheduled for Wednesday night @ 7:30pm. The natural gas pipeline extensions to the schools are on the agenda.

If you live on North Brooksvale -- or on any Route 10 / Route 42 feeder roads that may get paved in the next few years -- you may want to attend. It would reinforce the idea with Town staff that residents are interested in NG as a heating source. And it would remind them that if they pave any of the feeder roads in the near future, they should be mindful of the possibility of working with Yankee Gas to provide people with another home heating energy option.

Tim White

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