Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Completing the Rte 42 / Towpath / Higgins / linear trail loop

A year or two ago, I had some residents on Towpath ask me about extending the Higgins Road sidewalk from Towpath to the linear trail. There was a relatively short section at the corner of Higgins and Towpath that had no sidewalk and was a relatively narrow section of Higgins. It was a fairly dangerous area to walk, particularly with strollers, etc.

I've penciled in the area here:This image also shows you the South Main Street / Higgins Road / North Brooksvale Road / Ward Lane area that -- with a sidewalk added at the corner of Towpath -- would have a sidewalk on at least one side of each street with a short exception on Ward Lane.

And now Public Works is constructing this stretch of sidewalk to complete the North Brooksvale / Towpath / Higgins / linear trail loop:I know this took some time and effort on the part of the Town Manager and his DPW team. I thank them for their efforts on this. I know the residents appreciate it.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that PW is doing this work? That is not a town machine in the picture. Looks more like a resident landscaping his front yard

Anonymous said...

A few points...all seem pluasable to me.

1.The home owner is not doing this work in the town's right-of-way.
2.The town is paying for it
3. the town may have rented the equipment (cost saving measure)
4. A private contractor was hired as it was more cost effective.

tim white said...

DPW is doing the work... equipment rental is likely.

Anonymous said...

I drove by them today. It is a hired contractor doing the work while the "sidewalk crew" stands by and watches. Not very cost effective if we are paying a contractor more per hour than our guys. Any of (last time I counted) our 3 backhoes are more than capable to do this work. Very rediculous.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how it is being done, we residents of Towpath who use the trail with our children and bikes really appreciate that Tim presented our request and that we will now be able to get to the trail safely. Thanks again, Tim!