Friday, September 24, 2010

Probate Judge Meccariello: untruthful or incompetent?

Continued from a previous post on Ken Byron's Courant article:

Meccariello was accused of disinheriting Smoron's designated heir — caretaker Sam Manzo — and giving her estate to three local churches, which in turn planned to sell her Southington dairy farm to a developer who wants to build an $18 million sports complex on the property.

In its report, the Council On Probate Judicial Conduct said Meccariello failed to meet the standards of conduct for probate judges and condemned his actions in harsh language.

"There is no justifiable reason why a judge of probate, knowing of a pre-existing will which documents the ward's testamentary intent, should approve the creation of a trust that vitiates the purpose and language of the will," the council said in its decision.

I intend to vote for a someone who will be a truthful and competent judge: Matt Jalowiec.

If you want to support Matt, he's having a fundraiser this Saturday:Tim White

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