Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meccariello committed a "grave injustice"

From the Courant's Ken Byron:

Southington Probate Judge Bryan Meccariello has been censured by a state probate council for his handling of the estate of Josephine Smoron, an elderly woman who wanted to leave her estate to her longtime caretaker.

The Council On Probate Judicial Conduct, which released a report Tuesday in a months-long investigation into a complaint against Meccariello, said the probate judge committed a "grave injustice."

I'm voting for Matt Jalowiec on November 2.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

This vote is a no-brainer, as was the (R) primary. I'm a Dem and I don't see how anyone could vote for Meccariello! Voters want competent people, not party labels.

Anonymous said...

Image this.

Meccariello decides that Betty Ives should have donated her farm to three Cheshire churches so they could sell it to a developer instead of gifting it to the Cheshire Land Trust, an organizationm that is sustaining local farming on the 164 acre property.

I guess you can't say they can't happen.

Tim Slocum

Tim White said...

This race is the single biggest no-brainer in town. As far I'm concerned, the incumbent is not an option. Besides, judges aren't supposed to be conservative or liberal. They're supposed to be impartial. Again, this is a no-brainer. Matt should get 100% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't even elect judges on a partisan basis.
D and R are meaningless in this race (though what does it say that the Dems would nominate such a scoundrel?).
The choice here is between Integrity versus Corruption.