Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foley / Malloy: a big NR on the discretionary funds

A week ago I sent an email to the two major party candidates for CT Governor -- Dan Malloy and Tom Foley. I asked them if they supported the continued existence of the annual $36,000,000 slush fund discretionary fund that's controlled by the:

1) Governor -- $12,000,000;
2) Speaker of the House -- $12,000,000; and
3) Senate President -- $12,000,000.

Yesterday I reached out to both camps for the second time. I got a response from the Foley camp. They acknowledged my question, but have not yet provided an answer. But I've only gotten crickets from Dan Malloy.

Obviously Foley's response is inadequate, but Malloy's is even worse.

This past summer I spoke highly of Dan Malloy here, here and here. But he hasn't even responded to my legitimate question, let alone answered it.

I certainly hope both candidates find this to be a simple, if relatively small, way to begin addressing the state budget deficit / state debt.

Tim White

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