Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grippo calls for Meccariello to leave Probate race

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan is reporting that the Cheshire Republican Town Committee Chairman, Adam Grippo, has called for sitting Probate Judge Bryan Meccariello to leave the Probate race:

Republicans have called for Southington Probate Judge Bryan Meccariello to drop out of the probate court race following his censure by the State Council on Probate Judicial Conduct.

Meccariello's absence would leave Republican Matt Jalowiec the only candidate for the Southington-Cheshire Probate Judge seat.

I agree with Adam. But the MRJ continues by noting that Jalowiec would then be uncontested in the race. I'm not so sure about that. Typically, the selection process for political candidates begins at a convention. And such groups typically have an internal committee -- a Vacancy Committee -- that fill candidate vacancies that occur after a primary, but before election ballots are printed.

I believe one very notable, recent use of a vacancy committee was when US Senator Bob Torricelli (D-NJ) quit his race in October because he was down in the polls and former Senator Frank Lautenberg wanted to return to the US Senate. Another instance when a vacancy committee may have been used was following the death of Paul Wellstone (D-MN). I seem to recall Walter Mondale running in Wellstone's place and Norm Coleman winning the seat.

Anyway, I'm uncertain of Probate race rules. But I'm guessing that even if Meccariello walked away, there'd still be a Dem on the ballot.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What does it say about Meccariello that he doesn't remove himself from the race after being censured for corruption?

It says that he's shameless, and that we could expect more of the same from him if he were re-elected.

Anonymous said...

This is more nuttiness in a race that has seen more than its share. First we have a "D" candidate who's under a serious black cloud. Next, we have a "R" candidate with insufficient credentials, who just became an "R" in the last few months. The "R" candidate with the most credentials AND integrity was ignored by his own party and had to petition for a primary. And now the local "R" party Chairperson is asking the first "D" candidate to withdraw from the race. Yeah, like he might even listen!

This is just more of what the average voter is tired of. I'm a "D" and will be voting for Matt Jalowiec. I think the voters of Cheshire & Southington can figure it out for themselves.

Anonymous said...

The Waterbury Republican is reporting that Meccariello has withdrawn from the probate race.