Monday, September 27, 2010

Grippo gets his wish: Meccariello quits

Cheshire Republican Town Committee Chairman Adam Grippo made a wish last week. And now the WRA reports that Probate Judge Bryan Meccariello quit the probate race!

Hooray for the people of the 18th Probate District! Everyone wins!

As for how this plays out in election terms, I'm not sure.

I presume the Democratic convention for the 18th district had a vacancy committee. And that vacancy committee would normally search for someone to fill the slot. But we're getting close to election time. I understand that absentee ballots are already printed and some have been distributed. Hmmm....

This is by far the most intriguing local race I recall in my 37 years in Cheshire... though I've been told the race for the 1st Town Council* in 1971 was fascinating... with the Election Day results showing 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans on the Council... and The Fightin' Fourth District having an actual tie... ha! Now that would be fun....

Anyway, good luck Matt!

Tim White

* Currently we're in the 20th Council.


Anonymous said...

The Dems should just nominate Matt Jalowiec and elect him by consensus. (Both parties can nominate the same candidate; the late town clerk Warren Hall used to be nominated by both Rs & Ds).

BTW, when the judicial panel censured Meccariello, I hoped they also reversed his plundering of that old lady's estate, and ordered her will to be reinstated.

Anonymous said...

The Meriden paper says the state probabte council has appointed two judges to independently review Meccariello's cases, including Mrs. Smoron's case, and they will "promptly determine whether corrective action is necessary." However, the Democrats are scrambling to nominate a replacement candidate.

Sorry, Dems, you blew it by nominating a CROOK in the first place. GO MATT!

Anonymous said...

I heard there may be two Matts in this race...Matt Jalowiec vs. Matt Hall.

Tim S.

Anonymous said...

Where were the DEMOCRATS during this whole fiasco?

SUPPORTING MECCARIELLO, the whole lot of them. Snakes in a hole.

Jalowiec has been the only one fighting the system since the beginning, the primary and through the general. GO JALOWIEC for THE WIN!

Anonymous said...

"I heard there may be two Matts in this race...Matt Jalowiec vs. Matt Hall."

Please, don't even joke about that.

He had trouble keeping control of council meetings, how can you trust him to handle people's estates?

Tim White said...

11:32... I'm voting for Matt Jalowiec. But like MJ, Matt Hall would also be an honest and competent Probate Judge... unlike the incumbent.

I'm not convinced though that Matt Hall is interested... or would have the support of the vacancy committee... or whoever / whatever decides on a replacement. And I'm also thinking that with the short time frame to jump start a campaign (raise $$$, buy signs, buy ads, etc.) AND the enthusiasm gap... Matt Jalowiec can absolutely win against whoever is the replacement candidate.

Tim White said...

And MJ has made experience an issue. So he remains on message, letting people know that he specializes in Probate... and he's got another plus in his favor.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Tim said the Probate Race wasn't that important. Boy things have changed

Bill said...

Mat Hall's attempt at light humor during his reign as Chair of the Council eliminates him as a viable candidate for anything. Individual marketing is based on perception and based on his leader of the own Council he does not deserve any political position. But the average voter is stupid and not informed and makes their decision on personal likes as opposed to professional capabilities.