Monday, September 20, 2010

Rosemary Lane: TM on installing dry wells AFTER paving

Last week I mentioned the dry wells that were just installed on Rosemary Lane. Now here's some video of the TM responding to the concerns I raised regarding the paving of Rosemary in 2008 and the installation of dry wells, including road cuts, in 2010:

Listening to his response again, I continue wondering if there was proper engineering involved in the planning of this work.

FWIW, there are real drainage problems in this area of town. I think the town is responsible for some of the drainage problems and therefore should bear the burden of dealing with the related flooding. But I also think the town should plan properly for addressing the flooding problems.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

"Neighbors were unhappy with the way the drainage was designed. It was not draining properly, and was backing into their driveways."

Isn't it Mr. Michelangelo's job to get it right the first time? Isn't he supposed to be an engineer? Why do we have to pay for remedial correction of his work on top of the big salary we already pay him?