Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The 2010 CT Gubernatorial debate schedule

At the race for Governor unfolds, I couldn't find the Foley / Malloy debate schedule online. As such, I called each camp and they confirmed their attendance at four televised debates:

October 5 - Hartford, Courant/Fox61

October 13 - New London, The Day/WTNH-Channel 8

October 19 - Rocky Hill, Channel 3 / NPR

October 26 - West Hartford, NBC30

In addition to the four televised debates, the Malloy camp said they had agreed to 15 debates / forums that had been proposed by independent organizations. And the Foley camp said they had agreed to seven debates / forums. Personally, I'd prefer to have more tete-a-tete discussion, but there will still be plenty of interaction between the two major party candidates.

And in other 2010 election debate news, Sam Caligiuri has requested that Chris Murphy debate him 41 times -- one debate in each CT-5 town. I find it highly unlikely that Murphy will agree to 41 debates. But elections should be a debate of ideas. And the more the candidates share their thoughts, the better.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

One of the biggest differences between Malloy and Foley is their stand on the Death Penalty.
Foley prefers to keep it while Malloy is opposed.
People in this town who have been moved by the Petit tragedy should remember this when they go to the polls in November.
Esty wants to eliminate it, Adinolfi wants to keep it.
Lets make sure justice is done to the animals who committed this crime.