Monday, September 13, 2010

A few more pix from my Haiti trip

A few more images of my trip to Haiti...

Here's the 18-seater I took from PAP to Jeremie... not the smallest plane I've ever taken, but the small ones on dirt strip runways always make me at least a little bit nervous...Rush hour at the Jeremie Airport:The airport and, yes... that's the terminal, the air traffic control tower and the entire airport building infrastructure behind me...A school that was paid for by the Foundation:A little girl who was provided a home by the Foundation:Part of my duties... provide evidence of the existence of a USAID sticker on a motorbike:The road to the village where a clinic would be conducted that day:This is part of the clinic's opening ceremony. Much of the opening ceremony is conducted in song. That's a traditional form of communication as an alternative with a population that is largely illiterate.Helping weigh the babies at the clinic:Mixing the Akamil at the clinic... the idea is to mash rice & beans together into a porridge. This stops people from taking out the less desirable beans and eating only the rice. The rice is the expensive food, but the beans are the nutritious food.This is Betty toying around with a little girl who attended the clinic. Betty's from Bristol, CT and she's making some amazing strides in Haiti.A lizard that let me get close enough to take a pic:Tim White


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! What an experience!

Anonymous said...

It takes special people like yourself to take their vacation time to go to Haiti and help out where needed. Too many people find it easier to send a few bucks and pretend it isn't that bad. You know firsthand how bad it is over there.
I know the funds are necessary, so I am not disparaging thos who donate,but I don't know too many people who would do what you did.
Kudos to you...
I can tell you were brought up the right way.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for going.