Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some CPD updates, including promotions!

With the CPD retirements of Captain Ren Marchand and Lieutenant Kerry Deegan, other officers are taking on new roles and climbing the ladder. The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports on the various moves, including the highest promotion in rank:

(Lieutenant Jay) Markella, who is currently the department’s public information officer, will be promoted to captain and will head the detective division.

Among the other moves... Brian Pichnarcik, a regular follower of local government, is being promoted from Sargeant to Lieutenant... as is Chris Cote. And Councilman Ecke's brother, Mark, is being promoted to Sergeant.

I congratulate all the officers on their promotions and new job roles!

As for what's happening in the search for a new Chief, I have no updates. The search is ongoing.

And with regard to the other big reason for why the CPD is in the news, I support the department 100%. And frankly, it seems unfathomable the charges they're facing. I just hope the trials end soon and the two predators receive capital punishment. Not many people are more deserving than those two.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

I do beleive that the response action and timetable needs to be publically reviewed. There are many who believe the Petit's could easily launce a successful civil suit against the Town for the delay in response & the fact that officers were on-site before the murders were committed. This is a town where a cracked windshield or missing front reg plate is routinely ticketed on the one hand; when something that really counts on the other than they blow it and blame it on "procedures"