Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jimmy Sima questions Rosemary Lane work

Two years ago the Town repaved Rosemary Lane. At that time I knew this project was a problem. But I wasn't sure how to best address the poor planning, particularly since the former Council majority had no interest in holding staff accountable.

Fast forward to this summer and I got more vocal as the problems related to Rosemary Lane became quite visible. Though I mentioned the problems a year ago during the TMs annual review, it was this summer that anyone could see the poor planning that led to storm drains being installed two years after Rosemary was repaved.

The Town is lucky though. While the Council's Planning Committee Chairman, Jimmy Sima, is very fair and even-handed... he's also willing to investigate areas of concern. And now that the Rosemary repaving work is largely complete......Jimmy has begun asking questions and placed Rosemary Lane on the agenda for Wednesday's Planning Committee meeting:

If you believe that a legislative body should hold an administration accountable, then you got a big win last November when you voted for Jimmy Sima. Jimmy may "speak softly," but he "carries a big stick." And as long as he has a seat at the dais, you should know that you've got someone in Town Hall who believes in -- and fights for -- good government.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

You're right - the town is lucky to have Jimmy Sima.

We need more people like him.