Monday, September 20, 2010

My dad supports Richard Abbate & other bits...

My dad submitted this LTTE...

Dear Editor:

I support Richard Abbate for State Representative from the 90th District. His opponent is Mary Fritz, who has held the seat for more than two decades.

Connecticut is in deep economic trouble. The blame for that belongs to the Democrat majority which has controlled the General Assembly for years. Although Mary’s voting record is more moderate than the ultraliberal Dems who have spent Connecticut into the disaster zone, her continued presence in Hartford empowers them to continue their suicidal fiscal policies. For the sake of rescuing Connecticut from bankruptcy, she and her big spender colleagues must go.

I've known Richard for nearly two decades. He served Cheshire as Republican Registrar of Voters for ten years. For four years he was President of the statewide 700-member Registrars of Voters Association of Connecticut. He did an excellent job and received overwhelming support from the members of that organization, both Democrats and Republicans, in his race for Secretary of the State in 2006.

Now Richard wants to help restore sanity to Connecticut’s General Assembly. He is politically experienced but not a career politician. If elected, he has promised to serve no more than two terms as State Representative. He believes firmly that those who hold political office should not make it a career, and should remember they are representatives of the people, not superior to them.

It’s time to elect someone who is willing to stand tough against big spending and big government. Let’s vote Richard Abbate in as State Representative.

John White

From my perspective, Rep. Fritz embodies what is wrong with Hartford. She very much deserves to be fired in November. And here's one example of why she has earned her dismissal... in November 2009, she claimed the $525,000 for turf didn't come from an annual $36,000,000 slush fund:

(For a complete video and context, click here.)

Yet in August 2008, the WRA laid plain the reality of Hartford's annual $36,000,000 slush fund.

While Rep. Fritz probably deserves an Oscar for "Best straight face while making nonsensical claims," she simultaneously deserves The Boot from the voters.

And in other state legislative races, Al Adinolfi has created an FB page: Adinolfi 2010. If I understand it correctly, it's a fan page of sorts... not a personal page. As a fan page... if it gets 100 people who "like" it, then he can "promote" it. But I really dunno what that means. I just know that I've had other friends ask me to "like" something or other... so that they have access to additional FB features. Elizabeth already has 159 people who "like" her page, Kathy Brown has 359 people, Matt Jalowiec has 210 and Tom Gaffey has 57. Len Suzio has a Facebook page for his State Senate campaign, but it's a "friend" page, not a "fan" page. And I'm not sure if any other state-based candidates have a "fan" page for their campaigns.

Tim White

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