Monday, September 27, 2010

Al Adinolfi campaign update; Jalowiec fundraiser

Al Adinolfi's Facebook fan page hasn't gotten 100 fans yet, but he is up to 55. Please consider joining it.

I spoke with Al at last week's RTC meeting. I asked him how the campaign was progressing:

And in other campaign news, the honest and competent candidate for Probate Judge -- Matt Jalowiec -- had a hugely successful event this Saturday. While at the event, I probably saw at least 100 guests. Here's a few of them:Tim White


Cedar Lane said...

Between the liberal Dem's elitism and corruption, nationally and locally (Pelosi, Esty, Rangle, Meccariello), the Republicans are going to mop up big time in five weeks.

Sensing this, Sen. John Kerry stated last week, "The voters are uninformed; that's why the Democrats will lose."

Even Barney Frank is in trouble in Mass., and that state appears ready to elect (R) Charlie Baker for Governor to replace Obama clone Deval Patrick.

I'm not saying Republicans should get complacent. "Pray as if everything depends on God; Work as if everything depends on you" (St. Augustine). Just saying the handwritting is on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Tim, I was very disappointed with the manner in which Mr. Jalowiec campaigned for the Republican nomination. He flagrantly disregarded Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment. His attacks on Peter Bowman were complete uncalled for an unprofessional.

I ashamed that he shares a line on the ticket with other republicans.

Breachway said...

4:13pm - get over it. Bowman was nominated by the system and yet when the vote came, the people had a totally different perspective on who was better fit to serve in this position. I give Matt credit for his "Rage Against the Machine"

Anonymous said...

how were Matt J's criticisms of Peter B "unprofessional"?? Matt merely pointed out that Peter was just out of law school, and that Matt was far more qualified in probabte work. These were not personal attacks. If your skin is so thin, you shouldn't be in politics.