Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Regional taxation: The TM may get his wish

Back in April I questioned the TMs use of his office to advocate a regional sales tax. Immediately following my comments, Council Chairman Slocum echoed my concerns.

I appreciated Chairman Slocum's support, but now we see the TMs words coming home to roost. The CT Mirror's Keith Phaneuf reports:

With the potential for deep municipal aid cuts looming less than 10 months away, Connecticut municipalities' longstanding cry for a new alternative to the property tax could be answered next year at the Capitol.

For the full story, click here. No doubt about it though... in using his title as TM, Cheshire now faces an increased likelihood that we'll see regional taxes. Taxes that will likely offer benefits to residents that'll be pennies on the dollar.

Taking this into consideration, the Council has not yet voted to extend the TMs contract. I hope that my fellow Council members will remember how he used his office when we vote... and let's not kid ourselves. This behaving as if an unelected TM is an elected Mayor will continue until it is made crystal clear that a TM is not elected and such advocacy will not be tolerated.

Tim White

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