Sunday, September 19, 2010

Natural gas update & pipeline extension synergies

Back in February I began publicly discussing the possibility of
Cheshire households taking advantage of natural gas as an energy option.

At last week's Council meeting, we got an update from the TM on the natural gas pipelines being constructed from Wallingford to Waterbury through Cheshire. The TM noted the possibility of residents and businesses hooking up to the NG pipelines that pass their property. It may be possible for some to fight their oil consumption by using NG as soon as November 2010.Since there are residents beyond the main pipelines of Routes 10, 68 & 70 who are interested in using NG, I'm hoping the Council remains cognizant of this. There may be synergies found in extending NG pipeline at the same time that roads are excavated for other reasons, such as sewers, water and underground electric lines.

Tim White

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