Sunday, September 12, 2010

Council agenda -- September 14, 2010

Here's the Council meeting agenda for Tuesday night:The main issue I question is 7A -- PBC assignments. While the PBC -- as a body -- is much improved from twelve months ago, I believe the TMs representation to the PBC is unchanged. That is unfortunate for both the town and the taxpayers. The election was ten months ago. I hope the Council takes action soon. The taxpayers deserve it.

In other under-the-radar situations though, my GOP colleagues are making great efforts at giving the taxpayers a fair shake. Such is the case with the WPCA. I understand the TMs representation to the WPCA has changed. And that's an improvement.

Frankly though, I don't understand why all the necessary changes aren't yet made. To me, it's quite simple. Either the TM makes the necessary changes in his management team or the Council changes the TM.

Tim White


Tony Perugini said...

Welcome back Tim, we missed you!

Anonymous said...

Was he gone? Oh, that is why it seemed so quiet.
Wow, about 2 people posted on his page over the last 2 onths.

Breachway said...

Let us not forget that E Esty voted against the death penalty.

Tim White said...

I don't consider myself a big proponent of the death penalty. But IMO, they both deserve it.

Mother Teresa said...

Anon 6:23,
Yes, Tim was gone the last two weeks helping some of the poorest people on the planet. What did you do during that time to improve anything?

Tim White said...

Tonight I was told that the TMs representation to the PBC has changed since 12 mos ago. The taxpayers can chalk that up as another win... largely unnoticed, but a win nonetheless that was not going to happen in the prior Council despite my efforts.