Monday, September 27, 2010

The price of natural gas vs. the price of oil

If you heat your home with oil, then you may want to consider converting to natural gas. Click here to see a ten year history of the prices of the two different fuels.

Yesterday I began detailing the areas of town that may soon benefit from a natural gas option.

Tim White

I haven't confirmed the accuracy of the chart, but it is in line with what I know to be true... that the price of NG tends to mirror the price of oil... but is less expensive than oil in a fairly consistent manner.

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Anonymous said...

Why not spend the money on extending natural gas pipe lines rather tha blowing it on Turf which will no yield any return, but only more expenses.

As for the turf. Has anyone contacted any of the towns that installed it to find out their experience and how much over the original estimates the final cost actually was. I think these turf supports shopped around for a consultant that would come up with the cost estimates they wanted. I and others don't trust this committee that is crazy for this project, and I'm sick of Bob Daly attacking anyone trying to do a diligent job. There are many more questions that should be answered.