Sunday, September 05, 2010

Some images of Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Sept 2010

Some images of the now infamous tent cities:Much of the destruction still stands in place:But the rubble piles throughout the streets makes plain that the clearing and rebuilding process has begun:Unfortunately, it's also evident that there are almost certainly people still laying in the collapsed buildings.

Here's some pix of a market in PAP:Here is the still-collapsing cathedral:And here are some pictures of the Presidential Palace:

But life goes on in Port-au-Prince. Here's a pic of the oft colorful local Caribbean buses... a tap tap in Haiti:And here's a monument for which I have no idea why it exists... but it caught my eye:And though the catastrophe seen by America was memorable to most, Haiti is very much a part of the developing world. As such, I'm guessing this image would have been largely the same pre-earthquake.

Tim White

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