Monday, September 20, 2010

Democratic infighting -- who will win?

Many of you were probably aware of the Democratic effort to reform the D.C. school system. Given credit for the reform was the district's Superintendent, Michelle Rhee. But in Washington, the Sptd reports to the Mayor. And incumbent Mayor Fenty lost his Dem primary last week. Politico's Ben Smith explains:

The American Federation of Teachers spent heavily to unseat Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and to put the brakes on his aggressive efforts to shake up the city's schools system.

I'm sure there were other issues related to his loss. But the Teachers' Union certainly sent a message to Dem officeholders last week.

Michael Barone further explains that this Democratic infighting is not unlike the GOPs current Tea Party vs. The Establishment fight... and that the Unions vs. Gentry Liberals extends beyond Washington D.C.

Gentry liberals and public employee unions were allies in the Obama campaign in 2008. But now they're in a civil war, in city and state politics. This raises the question of whether the Democratic Party favors public employee unions that want more money and less accountability, or gentry liberals and others who care about the quality of public services. Right now, the unions are winning.

Unions should to be treated fairly. But if we bring this home to Cheshire, I find it hard to believe that any union getting nearly 5% annual wage increases -- in this economy -- is going to be getting widespread support from the taxpayers. But then, I'm not even sure the 4.4% will be the focus of taxpayer outrage in another week.

Next Tuesday, the Council will be meeting to discuss employee benefit plans... plans that range in cost from $12,000 for individuals to more than $20,000 for some family plans. It is likely our plans would get hit with 15% cost increases each of the next two years... and soon be required to pay President Obama's 40% fee tax on "Cadillac Plans."

Tim White


Breachway said...

My company has already warned us that our medical is going up 10%... due to the new ObamaCare....

tim white said...

I think the 40% Cadillac tax is what's gonna really get people's attention.