Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Foley / Malloy: NR on slush fund means I go deep

On September 14, I emailed and called the campaigns of both Tom Foley and Dan Malloy. I asked them a simple question. As a voter, I want to know if they support the existence of Mary Fritz' slush fund:

Unfortunately, despite calling and emailing the two camps since September 14, I haven't heard anything. So I decided to escalate the issue.

Since I quoted a WRA editorial when I posed my question, I've called the WRA editor and reminded him about his 2008 editorial. My hope is that he'll do an editorial and get this issue back in front of the voters.

Considering that Tom Foley is apparently running on a fiscally conservative message... and Dan Malloy is apparently running on a good government message... I see no valid reason why they would support the existence of the slush funds.

Yet they remain silent.

Maybe I'll try Dennis House? He's probably moderating the CBS Gubernatorial debate.

Tim White

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