Thursday, May 20, 2010

GAAP needed; a good reason to like Dan Malloy

As we head toward the November election for Governor, I still have no idea for whom I will vote. I'm just hoping we get some adults in leadership positions there.

So with the D and R conventions starting tomorrow, I encourage the Democratic party to support Dan Malloy for Governor. I don't know all of his policy views, but I know one of them.

He supports requiring the state of Connecticut to use GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. By eliminating GAAP and creating our own form of accounting - the only state in the union to use our own horrible creation - we cook the books. As Malloy said at a recent public forum:

"If we don't tell the truth, if we're not transparent, we're not going to take our medicine."

And while other R & D pols argued about the lack of GAAP in a partisan manner, the NewsTimes' Brian Lockhart continued:

Malloy argued it is a "bipartisan train wreck,"

And even though that's dead obvious to anyone outside of Hartford, I thank you Mr. Malloy for your honesty and candor. I hope you get the nod on your side of the aisle.

I hope that in November, both major parties have someone who will be honest about the situation.

Tim White

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