Wednesday, July 07, 2010

MJIs Powell on Dan Malloy's run for Governor

The MJIs Chris Powell explains why Dan Malloy probably won't get the Dem nomination, but probably would make a good Governor:

As he is a Democrat and public employee unions are the party's biggest constituency, Malloy can't express the slightest doubt about Connecticut's system of binding arbitration of public employee union contracts, which takes the great bulk of public expense out of the ordinary democratic process and makes it illegal for government to control most of its costs. But Lamont, with no record in office, seems to be getting union endorsements because Malloy, negotiating contracts as Stamford's mayor, was not easily rolled. That is, Lamont is expected to put up less of a fight on behalf of the public.

Malloy acknowledges that urban policy has failed generally throughout the state, which is unusual for a Democrat to do, even if Stamford may have benefited most from state government subsidies for business relocations and has a big advantage over Connecticut's other cities, its proximity to New York. Malloy also seems inclined to acknowledge the failure of drug policy, which also is unusual given his experience as a prosecutor in New York City. At least he would reduce criminal liability for marijuana possession.

Personally, I think he gets it. I think he'd be fair. I think he'd be an adult.

I'd vote for him on August 10, if I could.

Tim White

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