Thursday, October 22, 2009

My prepared closing remarks - take two!

If you were watching the Council candidates' forum tonight, you may have noticed that my closing comments were partly extemporaneous... though I did come prepared with some quotes from this AP article. Regardless, I just videotaped and uploaded my prepared comments to YouTube... I love the tubes! Here is what I intended to be my closing statement:

Tim White


Marion said...

Tim,I strongly feel that you did not need to apologize AGAIN to Laura DeCaprio. Mr. Talbot acted low in bringing it up during his closing remarks. Your absolutely correct when you say it has turned into the Dem talking point, because they have nothing positive to say. I think you should have ignored him and given your closing remarks just as you did here.

Anonymous said...

Good remarks, Tim. I agree that the police personnel issue should be addressed immediately and a resolution has to be found.
I was a bit surprised to hear last night at the forum, from the incumbant councilwoman, that(in so many words)this issue is being looked at, a resolution isn't likely soon, and it'll be an issue for the new council to address.
Did I hear her correctly? Maybe she can clarify.