Thursday, October 22, 2009

Council forum - turf Q&A

I believe you can see the entire turf Q&A here, here and here.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Bad forum. All should have answered that question. That a way Ms Gidding and Mr Sima.

Anonymous said...

During the BOE debate there were questions that were required to answered by all the candidates. I agree the turf question is a hot button issue and should have been answered by all. They had the opportunity to address it if they wanted, but it was very telling that the question wasn't even touched by one DEM.

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

In another posting, there was concern about the electrical service at the high school football field. There was some concern from the people working in the anouncers booth Friday night that resulted in the fire dept. being requested. During the game, the sound system and score board continuously lost power. The town Fire Marshal was requested to the school to see what was going on and had Mr. Trifone contact the school systems electrican. Repairs should be made in the upcoming week.

Anonymous said...

"...Rob D Jr. seems to be onto something here. Even with a permit electrical boxes in large public facilities are designed for safety first. If you need to remove what is in fact a 'safety cover' and set up a fan to blast the box internals with cooling air from a temporary fan you are already dealing with a significant failure. I'd bet no company making circuit breakers would ever allow for this type of operation. Whoever is/was responsible for this work-around, if they have a license to be an electrician should be taken before the appropriate state board immediately. If they don't have a license maybe the state fire marshal's office or the state prosecutor's office needs to investigate them and take appropriate action against them and their supervisors, managers, superintendents, and employers.

Dangerous electrical system work-arounds such as the one just described which circumvent basic electrical safety concepts should NEVER be allowed, especially in our public facilities, EVER!

Anonymous said...

Behrer mentioned the electrical problems in his last turf report to the Boe. He did say they'll have to address those issues to along with the turf.

So I guess that could be another huge chunk of money they'll want on top of everything else.

As I've said before, this grant may be a "lollipop" but it's the taxpayers who will be the real suckers.

Anonymous said...

"... Behrer mentioned the electrical problems in his last turf report to the Boe. ..."

So it sounds like there is a very unsafe electrical hazard at CHS which the administration through the likes of officials such as Behr fully knows exists? If so it sounds like they would rather continue to expose the public, the students and the school employees to it while they diddle around as turf heads instead of immediately either fixing the problems or closing down the faulted facilities? Faulty electrical systems need immediate repair or isolation and removal from use. It isn't acceptable to play paper planning games with installed facilities which don't work.

If anyone is injured by this situation the town can expect one nasty law suit. The CHS administration and our superintendent would seem to be responsible for the safety of everyone on CHS property and if they allow this to continue they are not doing their jobs.

The likes of Behr, and of course the high school administration and the superintendent should immediately make available to the general public any and all information they might have in association with high school electrical hazards associated with the ongoing fake turf evaluation. No one should have to wait until the turf group has finally decided what it will recommend to hear about the details of faulty electrical systems located in a large public building complex used daily by thousands of people.

Anonymous said...

I'm very concerned that the town is trying too much at one time. From past experience, one can see that problems will occur due to a continuous pattern of no one managing the projects adequately.

We should defer non-essential projects and make sure that the important ones are done well.

The turf should definitely be postponed until we have a better understanding of the costs, differences in quality and expected life of it. There are still just too many unanswered questions to go forward. We don't need another pool fiasco.

Anonymous said...

7:01 makes a good point about the electrical system at the field.

It's funny that we have the fire marshall doing a check on the inside of the schools and chesprocott doing inspections in the school kitchens, yet NO ONE inspects the safety of an electrical system.

It should be shut down if it's not safe!

Anonymous said...

10:10 p.m. makes a good point about safety related inspections needing to be done by outside agencies. Where is the town's highly paid school administration on this issue. Maybe they need to have their heads yanked from the cloud bank where they continuously dream up schemes explaining the latest No Child Left Behind numbers.

There are some real basics in life, even in the U. S. education bureaucracy. The concept of SAFETY FIRST, practiced by successful industry kind of dictates that no matter what you do if it results in injury or death it wasn't worth it in the first place.

Electrical systems which are improperly designed, improperly installed, improperly maintained, and/or improperly operated can easily lead to injury or death. Faulted systems need to be shut down until they are made right. Adding work arounds like temporary fans should never be allowed. School officials need to deal with this stuff first even before they go off on the latest educator tangent of the moment - - -

Anonymous said...

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