Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A town wide energy conservation plan

That's what I'm hoping could be financed using performance contracting.

Did you see the meeting tonight? I thought it was extremely worthwhile.

Chris Halpin of Celtic Energy explained the concept of performance contracting. And I thanked Councilman Altieri for having helped the Council continue moving forward on this promise that was made in August 2007:

Sometimes it just takes a while to build the strong bipartisan support necessary for action. Thankfully though my perseverance paid off tonight. The Council now has PC back on the right track and moving forward.

As I mentioned tonight, if the Town engages in a PC I would have three main goals:

1) save money
2) conserve energy
3) improve infrastructure, particularly our aged schools

Tim White


Breachway said...

It was a good presentation Tim. Congratulations on getting this to the table. I know you were the one who has always pushed for this and Altieri made excuses or asked to see examples of where this has been used in the past. It was funny when Altieri first started talking and said that he "took the initiative" to set up the meeting. This is politics at its best. He should have manned up right there and thanked Tim for being so persistant about Performance Contracting. As a Dem voter, that bothered me as it is in line with the negative ads the Dem party ran in the Herald. I didn't want my donations to be used for that crap and the town really needs to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Tim, I wouldn't be complementing Altieri for his bipartisanship. If it wasn't an election year and he wasn't trying to look like he can work with both sides (which the Dems don't) you'd be still waiting. It was big of you to say that he helped but you have to notice that he didn't give you any credit for anything.

Anonymous said...

Alteri taking credit for something he didn't do?
Wow, that's a first! NOT.
These guys have no shame. They have been dissing the idea for months but now want to take credit for it.
November 3rd is right around the corner. Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the council meeting - Performance contracting definitely is an idea worth pursuing further.

Two things were a bit disappointing though -
1. Altieri didn't have the decency to give Tim any credit for the idea.
2. Eight of the nine councilors had questions - the only one not asking ANY questions was, no surprise, Ecke. You'd think being the chair of the budget committee he'd show some interest in savings.

Anonymous said...

Why should they care, their going to be voted out of the majority next week.

Anonymous said...

Why did this take so long? Thanks Tim.