Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tom Ruocco features Sam Caligiuri at his house party

Councilman Tom Ruocco had a small gathering tonight. His special guest of honor was state Senator - and future US Senator - Sam Caligiuri. Good luck Sammy!

As for Sam's chances in the primary, I suspect he'll do well with GOPers primarily concerned with Roe v. Wade, the 2nd amendment and homeschooling... all groups that likely will constitute fairly significant voting blocks next August in the primary... as well as at the convention next May.

Tim White


Breachway said...

You mean the religious right wing of our party, right Tim? The ones that drive social moderates like myself crazy.

Tim White said...

Roe, I won't argue. But I've never thought of the 2nd amendment that way. And as for homeschooling, I've never heard much about it in a left/right political context in CT... more of a libertarian, leave-me-alone context. And on both sides of the aisle (civil liberties, economic liberties) you'll find people with libertarian leanings.

Anonymous said...

Sam's a pretty mild guy. I can't see him scaring anyone who wasn't spoiling to be scared in the first place.

Ar least he is who he is. Not like the fraud from the Wrestling business.

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican, but the Republican party went in the wrong direction with Bush and the religous right. When the R's came out as the party of god, saying dems where "godless" and they were the "moral majority" they made sane people scared. Now the candidates who ran on the platform of "family values" are getting caught as closet gays and wife cheaters. The R's should go back to issues that really matter and leave god where he belongs in church. Until the R's stop putting people like Sarah Palin in the forefront they will not see themselves in power again.

Anonymous said...

Re; 1:03pm.

I'm happy David Letterman is commenting on this blog. Woo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

Keep your religion out of our government and keep your religious views out of our health care.

I'll trust the government anytime over religious extremists.

There are probably millions of deaths from aids caused by the religious zealots that prevent family planning and safe sex.

Anonymous said...

The only religious zealots I can think of in Africa happen to be Muslims. Under President Bush, more money went to Africa to fight aids than any other place and the amount dwarfed the amounts given by other governments.

Extremism in all forms is dangerous. But I get concerned when the word socially moderate springs up. All this social moderation has led to some serious problems with our society. Certainly government can't be the answer but our churches can and must....apart from government.

The dangers of being socialy moderate is that our permissive culture is losing its moral compass. The results are demonstrated every day.

Breachway said...

Anon 1:03pm....thanks for the Palin comment. I don't understand how anyone can back her...she is the reason I voted for Obama's ticket as a Republican. McCain would have been bettre off picking Hillary