Monday, October 05, 2009

Turmelle on the wastewater treatment plant

As I previously mentioned, there are some problems at the wastewater treatment plant:Now the NHRs Luther Turmelle is reporting:

James Sima, a Republican councilman, said he was disappointed that wastewater treatment officials never made the council aware of the problem with holding tank cover that happened at the beginning of the year.

“If they had made us aware, maybe we wouldn’t taking a band aid approach to fixing it like we are now,” Sima said. “We ought to fix it and do it right the first time.”

Tim White


Breachway said...

Makes you wonder what else the Town manager is covering up. I have never been a TM basher, but this is beginning to be too much. They are going to ask us to help fund plant updates while- they are not being honest in letting us know of problems and they are giving developers land to build new condos that are going to tie into the sewers. The article is wrong- the sludge isn't being shipped to Waterbury- it is working in ther town hall.

Anonymous said...

The town can't properly maintain its playing fields. The town can't properly maintain the bubbled pool. The town can't maintain its school boilers. The town can't maintain its sewage pumping stations if the recent cost over runs associated with maintenance are any measure. The town can't maintain its roads if trucks are being eaten by sink-holes.

Well, someone needs to connect the dots.

Maintenance is not something that municipal staff have done very well. On the other hand, municipal staff, in total, sure does spend more and more money every single year.

It's time for some high level municipal management corrections here. Maintenance of all town facilities is too important to be left to low level supervision in an uncoordinated manner. Clearly at the policy level something is missing. There are too many things that require superman efforts to get fixed. And mostly they are things which shouldn't get to the 'broke' category before they are maintained and made whole in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I want to remind everyone that it was the current Town Council that recently voted to extend Milone's contract another year. Obviously, he's not doing a satisfactory job. It seems that neither the Town Manager nor the Town Council is capable of actually running this town.

What's going to change come 11/3? Just more of the same or are there actual candidates capable of doing what they're supposed to be doing on the Town Council?

Why doesn't the Town Council force Milone to confront them and explain his lack of leadership on these foobar'd projects?

If this was any other average joe in the private sector, they would be fired after the 3rd repeat screw up. Milone is going on his 12th screw up and the Town Council rewards him for it.


Anonymous said...

Please remember that Tim White voted AGAINST the manager's contract.

Anonymous said...

Ms Esty and Mr Hall helped destroy the WPCA by ousting a well-respected chairman and then watching solid members depart out of frustration over the political meddling. Some of their D replacements don't show up for meetings and clearly vote the party line when they do. For decades, this was one of the best commissions in town over-seeing millions in infrastructure and budgets.
It is no wonder that things are starting to unravel...where is the citizen over-sight?
The treatment plant guys are a pretty good bunch but they report to an incompetent department head.....Joe M.
There needs to be a thorough housecleaning at PW...or one day you might wake up and be unable to flush. Now THAT's a problem!