Sunday, October 18, 2009

Genghis Conn is retiring

Or maybe he's just taking a break, like CTBob* did one summer!

Either way... after the November 3 elections, Connecticut will be losing its premier star in vigilante journalism... a phrase I first heard used by GC.

Though the blogosphere has been abuzz with regrets of losing one of CTs best... the MSM is also mourning the loss of Genghis. The Courant offers:

Mr. Bigelow reflects both the opportunities and challenges of Web-based community journalism. He proved that one bright and talented individual with no major funding can develop what a post on the media blog The Laurel called the "most influential political blog in the state." ...

On the other hand, Chris Bigelow is one person with a day job — he is a college librarian....

All Web journalism operations, not just sole practitioners, face the challenge of sustaining quality reporting and commentary on little income. We are all trying to find a business model that works. Mr. Bigelow's blog showed that it is worth the effort.

GC was the first blogger I contacted when I started TWL in January 2006. In many ways, he inspired me. I thank him for all his efforts.

Tim White

* If you don't know CTBob, he's the vlogger who enabled former Speaker of the House Jim Amann to have himself labeled "Crusher!" via this youtube classic.

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