Sunday, October 11, 2009

Labor attorney on the "no confidence" vote

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan continues reporting on the "no confidence" vote:

Without allegations of wrongdoing, there's very little likelihood of removing a police chief for management style, according to Cheshire town labor counsel Floyd Dugas.

The no-confidence vote "has absolutely no legal significance," Dugas said.

I agree. But the story continues:

He advised the Cheshire Town Council last week against conducting an impartial investigation, requested by the police union, since it could set a precedent and become politicized. Personnel matters should be handled by the employee's supervisor, in this case Town Manager Michael Milone, who is directly above Cruess.

So the Police Union unanimously votes "no confidence" and the Council is supposed to continue deferring to the TM? Make no mistake - the TM is part of the problem.

As I've said before, the Council should immediately begin an impartial investigation. But now I add one thing... the Chief doesn't report to the Council. The TM reports to the Council. The Council hires / fires the Town Manager. That's where the Council could / should take action immediately.

Tim White

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