Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dems TPM – Chief Justice Steele is wrong!

FWIW, I've already sincerely apologized to Laura for inappropriate anonymous comments on my blog. I’ve also deleted the comments. I took both actions as soon as the inappropriate comments were brought to my attention.

But not-so-surprisingly, it appears to be the TalkingPointsMemo being used in this campaign.

Personally, I wish that at tonight’s forum candidates had focused on the issues – not distractions – and spoken more about how they intend to improve the town. For instance, how do candidates intend to address the Town’s low employee morale? This is particularly concerning when it comes to public safety.

Regardless, here are some quotes from the AP article (by Randall Chase) regarding the Delaware decision favoring the free speech rights of an anonymous blogger over the rights of a public official:

(Supreme Court Chief Justice Myron) Steele described the Internet as a "unique democratizing medium unlike anything that has come before," and said anonymous speech in blogs and chat rooms in some instances can become the modern equivalent of political pamphleteering...

Steele noted in his opinion that plaintiffs in such cases can use the Internet to respond to character attacks and "generally set the record straight," and that, as in Cahill's case, blogs and chatrooms tend to be vehicles for people to express opinions, not facts.

"Given the context, no reasonable person could have interpreted these statements as being anything other than opinion. ... The statements are, therefore, incapable of a defamatory meaning," he wrote.

I’m not sure where CT stands on this. Frankly though, I’m baffled as to why Dems are suggesting that Chief Justice Myron Steele is wrong. Nonetheless, I remain focused on the issues facing Cheshire’s fourth district, as well as the whole town.

Tim White

UPDATE: And despite the obvious implication of the letter in today's Herald, I did not post the inappropriate comments about Laura.


I vote anonymously too said...

Virtually every blog in the world publishes anonymous comments. Even if you have to register for a blog and use a pseudonym, you’re registering and commenting anonymously since your real name is not required. The blog owner's only responsibility is to remove inappropriate posts, which Tim does.

To impugn Tim for allowing anonymous comments is as ridiculous as Laura’s self-serving victim cant.

Anonymous said...

“I wish that at tonight’s forum, candidates had focused on the issues – not distractions – and spoken more about how they intend to improve the town.”

The Democrats focus on distractions because the issues all point to their mismanagement of the town : the biggest labor crisis in the town’s history, their endless spending on the pool with no solution in sight, their refusal to redirect turf money to fix the boys’ locker room, sweatheart deals for special interests, and on and on.

Much easier for them to focus on Laura’s soap opera than talk about issues because they have no plans to “improve the town”.

Anonymous said...

Ms DiCaprio is my rep and I have never seen her in my neighborhood; first time I ever saw her was after she had won the TC election. I am sick of her opining; we need sound business people on the Council..simple as that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

RE: Derby official, blog face suit

Anyone can file a lawsuit a month before an election, but suits by public officials for defamation rarely go anywhere.

Courts allow broad latitude to criticise public officials in the media, including on blogs. Plantiffs must also prove monetary damages, not just "emotional distress".

Anonymous said...

Cheshire's Left wing is doing what the Left always does....attack the messenger. Tim, you have NO reason to say you are sorry.....any more than the Herald should apologize for letters to the editor.
The Dem's get nervous when you focus on the facts.
By the way....the biggest example of why we need a change is on route 10. Every morning I drive by and watch our taxpayer-heated water steaming up into the cool autumn sky. Last night, Alteri said he had "grabbed this issue by the horns".....who is he kidding? His study committee has been at it for almost two years and we still don't have a solution but we do have hot water steaming into the air. Bull by the horns? Come on!

Anonymous said...

The past two evenings were horror shows in Cheshire. I attended the Board of Ed debate on Tuesday and the Town Council debates last night.

First, the BOE: It became obvious very quickly, and was stated VERY clearly that two of the members on the BOE are pushing for more spending, and one continues to insist "the children will suffer" - boo hoo. In fact, the comments like "we can afford a 1% increase [in taxes]", and "[on education] we spend in the bottom 15%" did not fall on deaf ears. I cannot afford an additional 1% increase, nor do I care what the other towns in CT are doing, so the "bottom 15%" comment was just a tactic in twisting numbers to justify spending more in the future. I guess they don't watch the news, jobs continue to be lost, families are cutting back, but by all means lets suggest an additional 1%.

One question I really want answered is why, for Gods sake do these people feel like they work for, and kneel down to the Superintendant? The Super works for the BOE, not the other way around! He STILL doesn't live in Cheshire. No one else sees a problem with that?

I attempted to send an email off the BOE website to some of the existing members to ask follow up questions, but the only person you can email is the webmaster. Everyone on the panel said they were accessable, but I didn't see a BOE table at the Fall Festival ... hmmm.

Back that wonderful evening up by the comments made by a current council member last night stating to keep the mill rate "as close to" what it currently is. That shouted INCREASE [in taxes].

Now, I don't believe anyone was given a fair shot at explaining their positions last night as evidenced by the LWV timing gaffs. But, the nonsense and spin that was flying around the room last night was nauseating. One current member continued to smirk when the pool fiasco was brought up. To him I say, be accountable, admit you had no idea what you were doing and apologize for wasting MY money! You do not get my vote.

Turf Shmurf - It sounds as if everyone wants to make it seem like getting a Grant is a daunting task. As someone who has applied for grants on an international level (hey Mr. Behr, you're not the only one who goes overseas, I'm not impressed), I can tell you, its not as hard as they make it out to be ... a turf field is not needed but safe locker rooms are, give up the grant and reapply.

$50K road consultant: I'm still trying to get the hot tar and scratches from the pebbles off my car from the chip seal. I grew up with chip seal, its no better now than it was back then, regardless of what any consultant says [as he laughs his way to the bank with more of my money].

The pool - fill it in.

Did anyone notice that it was 77 degrees in there last night? It was about the same temp in the high school the night before. As I sat listening on both evenings, red faced and sweating, I thought about why no one has even mentioned that if you turn the heat down a couple degrees in these buildings we could save some money.

I'm still waiting for someone to knock on my door so I can voice my opinions ... I'm not holding my breath.

Subscriber said...

Why are letters that have been sent to the Cheshire Herald not being printed? This is a shame. Are they selective? The voters of Cheshire need more than a page and one-half during this important time. Don't be cheap and print the extra pages.

Anonymous said...

Laura DeCaprio printed her silly letter in the Herald today. I have a real problem with the way she insinuates that Tim is responsible for all the bad postings about her. The vast majority of postings were about her poor job on the council and the fact that she talks to Altieri all the time and doesn't pay attention. She knows they're right so she has to say she's being jabbed at because she is a woman and mother. Give me a break. I'm a woman and I think she's giving us a bad name.

Anonymous said...

The amazing culture of modern-day America is fast driving everyone to seek, and yes even promote, victim-hood as a way to a better future. The letter in today's Cheshire Herald is replete in helping us all arrive there sooner rather than later.

The DeCaprio letter was amazing to read. Finally, I can say I live in one of those towns where officials elected to office more and more are of the very thin skinned type. This is a recent phenomenon. It used to be American politicians could sling it with the best and were capable of taking as well as giving.

And it is this type, the thin skinned politician, that I won't be voting for any time soon. In reality any politician who can't stand the heat should not be let into the kitchen in the first place. Of course in the sue happy USA of 2009 too many of us believe that the road to riches and fame can be found through law suits for any and everything. First of course you have to concoct a victim-hood scenario to make that work for you.

Enough with this nauseating promotion of self victim-hood. Town council members need to get back to the people’s business and stop this childish whining.

Anonymous said...

Please, no apologies.


Tony Perugini said...

To 11:51 "I'm still waiting for someone to knock on my door so I can voice my opinions ... I'm not holding my breath."

Email me your Street Name and I'll be sure to walk it this weekend, if I haven't already. My email is and if you want to chat, call me at home 203-699-9828. I'd be happy to hear your concerns and try to follow up on information you need from the BOE.

Tony Perugini
(R) Candidate for BOE

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, do you believe we should rely on fundraising to support the eventual replacement of the turf field? and then asking the council for whatever shortfall there is? I have to say that I am not against turf, but all of the unknowns have me thinking back many years to when the pool planning was taking place....good luck

Tim White said...

October 22, 2009 9:43 AM

Feel free to post the link, but not the entire article... that's not fair to the author.

Anonymous said...

10-22-09 11:51 says "I attempted to send an email off the BOE website to some of the existing members to ask follow up questions, but the only person you can email is the webmaster. Everyone on the panel said they were accessable, but I didn't see a BOE table at the Fall Festival ... hmmm."

You didn't see a BOE table at the Fall Festival because the super said that due to budget constraints the schools wouldn't have a table set up nor could they be there to hand out pencils.

I guess the budget is tight for some things.

I know it's difficult to find any email addresses for BoE members on the school's website, but here are some that I just noticed in today's Herald. Perhaps people could email them with any questions they still have unanswered. Let us here on the blog know if you have any luck in getting responses!

Steve Mrowka

Cathy Hellreich

Bob Behrer

Anonymous said...

I think the Democrats themselves posted that stuff so Laura could play victim.

It's an old set play. Like in the Milford election a few years back when someone took all of a Jewish candidate's signs and put them next to a synagogue, then the candidate said there was something anti-semitic going on ( her opponent was an Irish Catholic). After the election a "volunteer" fessed up he moved all the signs there....hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Ask Tim he knows who published them.

Anonymous said...

"Why are letters that have been sent to the Cheshire Herald not being printed?"

It all depends if your the right person, letters extolling the virtues of Justin Adinolfi always are there, even if they are from his wife and his sidekick and of coarse Marty Coburn, the self appointed Cheshire Oracle, with his words of what he thinks is wisdom, are given the green light.

Could it be possible that a reason why Justin is so well treated is because he keeps running 1/2 page ads that get placed on the second page. Nobody else is running 1/2 page ads as they are very expensive. Well if he gets elected, it would probably help his consulting business a lot and it would probably make the Mall and local developers happier.