Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Herald: The Helmet, endorsements, my letter

Anyone sense there was a message being sent in this advertisement that was in last week's Herald?

Any comments on the last edition of the Herald before Election Day 2009? I'm assuming there will be endorsements tomorrow. I'll probably post my complete letter tomorrow night.

And a message from me to the many Town employees... I hope you vote next Tuesday. And I hope you encourage your friends and family to vote, as well.

6 days and counting...

Tim White


Contoured Views said...

Support Education in his mind is giving the teachers more money.

Keep Cheshire safe??How does he propose to do that while the CPD has no confidence in our chief?

The biggest laugh is "Promote Responsible Budgets"....Huh?
Late budgets with so much irresponsible spending is not promoting responsible budgets.

I sure hope the people see through these campaign lies on Nov.2.

GOP is finished said...

i hope the people see through the republicans constantly tearing everything down. what do you want to spend your money on if not education you never say you just bash and if you know everything why don't you run for office?

GOP 6 to 3 said...

Name one issue the Dems have campaigned on. Their record has been a disaster, so they don't talk issues. Instead they throw up the smokescreen of Laura's being "incredibly offended", and the voters are seeing through it.

Contoured Views said...

"...what do you want to spend your money on if not education..."

I don't mind spending on the right part of education, but spending on salaries like we did is not helping the system.
Every other town gave less than 4.4%, many just freezing the salaries, not Cheshire...we "care about education"
I want to spend our money on things we already have that need fixing. Mixville Park, the pool, the locker rooms.

Since you seem like a smart person, give me 1, only 1, item that DeCaprio did while she was on the TC. I can't think of 1.

Mixville said...

I feel "appalled, disgusted, disrespected, and angry" that DeCaprio has done nothing to fix the problems at Mixville. Instead of doing her homework, she puts out whinny letters. Time for a change.

GOP is finished said...

hey contorted view: give me one item tim white accomplished when he was first on the town council name one.

Anonymous said...

He voted against the pool subsidy. I believe he had a lot to do with trying to fix the problem with the pool. He tried to get the Town to look at better ways to SAVE energy. These are just a couple of things I can think of.

Anonymous said...

Just got my Cheshire Herald today. They picked Mr. Talbot in the 4th. The reason was your blog. What do they know. Is it because you don't advertise in their paper?

Anonymous said...

Interesting the Dem-leaning Herald endorsed Falvey over DeCaprio. She's gone.

Tim White will survive the Herald's endorsement of Talbot because he's done plenty for the district, and is well liked in the neighborhoods.

Contoured Views said...


Way to answer my question with a question, I didn' think you could find 1 thing about her.

How about Tim getting the video streaming of the meetings on the web site for all to view, how about his concern for energy usage and perfoamnce contracting that Altieri is now taking the credit for. How about Tim mentioning problems with the CPD as far back as April while the town pesonnel committee closed their eyes to and were "blindsided".

Now, what has DeCaprio done??
Try to find 1, please.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the only dem endorsed by the Herald is running against White. They cited this blog as a reason he would not win re-election.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Great catch on the helmet. Never saw that when I read the paper this morning.


Kind of like pointing out the water on the floor of a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Talbot is NOT the only D endorsed. Please read more carefully! Ecke,Altieri, Adinolfi and Talbot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but everyone knows the Herald's opinion is not worth the paper it's printed on. I think people have enough smarts and can make their own conclusions and their own decisions come November 3

Anonymous said...

"Please read more carefully! Ecke,Altieri, Adinolfi and Talbot."

They certainly would endorse Adinolfi. He has spent more money on 1/2 and full page ads than anyone else. He also represents the mall developer who spent thousands on misinformation ads. Just who is putting up all this money for Adinolfi's ads? Is it coming from the mall developer and others that have a a financial interest in the mall and other realestate.

We can have elected officials who have no business interests that would sway their votes.

As for Talbot, we don't need another "me too" who will vote as the Dem party leadership tells them to. Tim has the ability to analyze a problem and work hard to find good solutions that are cost effective.

As for Ecke and Altieri, they are just too negative when it comes to new ideas. And, they are simply "RUBBER STAMPERS" who vote as they are told.

Anonymous said...

I love the Dem's ad on page 38 of today's the crossword puzzle, they can't even get DeCaprio's name spelled correctly. Let's blame Tim on that too.

Anonymous said...

Coburn writes crossword puzzles. He's a champ by his accounts. Could this be his handiwork? It deals with complex problem makers.

Anonymous said...

And did you see the Democrats' invite for a "free medium cup of coffee" just below their puzzle? Maybe we should go b/c the way they keep spending our money we won't be able to afford a cup of coffee.


Contorted View: she had a baby that is an accomplishment in itself. She should be proud of that and she is. Tim white is fine but he did not do all that you said in his first year. I asked what he accomplished in his first year on the council.

Contoured Views said...

Hey idiot, she was on the TC for 2 years.
Tim has always had a voice from the very beginning.

Still waiting for that 1 thing DeCaprio accomplished for the town
I know it is hard. I have even looked in her ads but can't find anything.
We didn't elect her to have a baby, we elected her to serve. She may be a very good mother, but from what I can see, she isn't a very good council member.

Anonymous said...

I am not defending making things up about Laura DeCaprio, but it's not like she's the first woman to hold office and have a baby during her term. I don't recall her sticking up for Sarah Palin after all the abuse that woman took. And Ms. DeCaprio oughta look at what the Democrats in MA said about Governor Swift after she had twins.

But I'll say this, she does react like a Democrat. When the shots come her way, she does play the victim card. How that addresses other problems in town, beats me.

As for the Herald in general; look up the concept "pay for play"; don't think that whackjob McMahon is spending ad money for nothing...she is buying credibility with reporters since their bosses owe her.

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stop whinning said...

What insinuations? That she would be at her place of employment rather than at a town meeting? Big deal.

Contoured Views said...

Hey 10:25

Clean up your act.

Tell me exactly what was said on this blog that was wrong?

If my daughter was on the Town Council and was not doing anything but acting like a puppet, I would tell her to step down.

Still waiting for someone to give me 1 good reason why she belongs on the TC and what she has done to help this town. All I keep hearing is how terrible it was that someone made a bad comment about her on this blog. Then everyone started fabricating it. It's too bad Tim can't show the comment that she found so bad. It will show that she and the others are just trying to grasp at anything to get people to vote for her. She doesn't have a record to stand on.

People like you fall into the pity trap when you never read any of the comments that were made about her.
In my opinion, the way you changed my name in your comment is much worse then anything that was said on here and is extremely demeaning.

Guess what, I'm not a cop either, so you also lack insight.

Grow up and act like an adult, unless you really are a 12 year old, and if that is the case, you shouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

I use to think Cheshire was a good place to live but I now realize this town is full of finger pointers! I'm sick of just about every issue this town has!
Not any one council member be very successful. This is mainly because someone is always there to cut them off at the knees. Too much of this garbage is turning our town to crap.
Tim your post of a background shot of a football helmet is the stupidist thing I've ever seen. Mike Ecke has two kids that play football for Cheshire. Big deal! Don't make something out of nothing because that is totally childish!

Whom ever gets elected... Please get some things done. This town is a joke & it is not any
one council members fault. It is all your fault!

Contoured Views said...

Did you ever go to a TC meeting to speak before them?

If you did and Ecke didn't agree or didn't like what you were saying he would huf and puff and roll his eyes. In my opinion, thta not only is childish, but is very arrogant on his part.

Finger pointing is part of politics everywhere you go, not just Cheshire.
What Tim and others try to point out is how people like Ecke and DeCaprio make mountains out of nole hills. When they have nothing to stand on they make things up.
That is why we need to point our fingers at that!

Anonymous said...

"Mike Ecke has two kids that play football for Cheshire. Big deal! Don't make something out of nothing because that is totally childish!"

So it's ok with you that he is pushing the turf field through all the while his brother is the coach of the CHS football team. You don't see a conflict there?? Then you must be blind.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, you got a problem with that.

next thing you'll be complaining about the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee getting a sweetheart loan from a subprime mortgage company.


Dear Contorted View
I am not 12 years old. I am 16 and I get involved in town politics. Laura DeCaprio does not have an agenda she is honest. It took Tim White many years to get the knowledge he has today about town issues. And you can dish it out but not take it. Sticks and stones....

Contoured Views said...

Good for you that you're 16 and taking an active role in politics. The problem is your mouth is in the gutter. Clean up your act.

DeCaprio can get the knowledge, but not while she is on the TC. Let her work other places first. That role is to responsible for someone who can't think for themself.

In the mean time, do your parents know the language you use here?

Anonymous said...

I'm gload to see young people get involved. Here's a word from a greybeard.

If you think basketball or football is competitive; try politics, practicing law, selling real estate, or being a stockbroker.

If you don't bring your A game every day, someone else will and run you right out of a job. It's not the coddled world of public education, I can assure you of that.

And if you don't bring your A game, the folks that want your job are going to speculate on why you didn't.

I think it was very unfair if Ms. DeCaprio got accused of things that didn't happen. Welcome to the world of competition, Laura. And it's a worldwide thing. Right now someone in Singapore or Mumbai is figuring out how to take us to the cleaners; meanwhile we waste our time and money buying toys and buying votes


Mr. Contoured View my parents swear that is where I got it from but at least they got me interested in politics. My mom is very religious and I hope to become a priest.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"So it's ok with you that he is pushing the turf field through all the while his brother is the coach of the CHS football team. You don't see a conflict there?? Then you must be blind."

Yes I do think it appropriate for Ecke to support the Turf. He as well as many others have witnessed first hand what the issues are with the field. You have no idea what it is like to have any kind of event that involves that field. Maybe you need to take a walk down there after a weekend of use to see it's condition. Frankly you would be amazed of the condition. Not to mention that bathroom at the field that remains to be one of the most repulsive bathrooms I have ever been in.

Contoured Views...I know you don't miss an opportunity to make yourself heard at a TC meeting. So to answer your question I've been there and honestly I have better things to do with my time.

Your issues with Ecke & his brother have a personal (football) connection. Get over it and move on with your life! Better yet run for town council since you have so much time to be there. Oh did that two years ago & no one voted for you.

Contoured Views said...


"Maybe you need to take a walk down there after a weekend of use to see it's condition."

I have been at the field after a weekend of use. I was actually there last night. It looks no worse then any other field. The real problem is the town isn't taking care of it. If they came out and raked and over seeded it then it would come right back. Go look at Yale's practice field, see what they do to take care of it.

My real issues is if we do spend the $1 million on the turf, who will take care of it? If the town isn't taking care of the field now, what makes you think they will take care of the artificial turf?

Perhaps if we had TC members who would pay attention to the residents rather than roll their eyes or chat with others while we speak, then it wouldn't feel like a waste of time when we speak to them.

Anonymous said...

Go to Yale? First of all do you know how many other fields Yale has? The Yale football field and practice fields do see 1/3 of the use the Cheshire fields do. I would hope at 50K a year Yale can manage to maintain their fields. You have NOT ONE CLUE what you are talking about. That field is a nightmare. Every time it rains it is a scramble to figure out if anyone can use it because it is in such poor shape. You can not grow grass on any field in this area at this time of year. That field was off limits from the end of June until early October. You would think it would be perfect. It was seeded and given ample time to grow grass and it is already in horrible shape.
Turf is totally low maintenance. You don't need much of anything to maintain a turf field. No not much maintenance is being done now but that is because we have cut maintenance out of the budget! That is the budget of the school board. I do agree with you that it is insane we approved a 4.4% increase in the teachers salarys. I for one feel that teachers earn every penny they make but no one is seeing those kind of increases today nor should they.
My gripe with the turf and other projects is this....Nothing gets done! We have been sitting on our hands for almost 3 years over this. We could have had turf and been generating income for the school with that field by now. That is the fault of the entire Town Council. Let's just get this town moving in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing when it comes to the issue of a new football field at the town high school. Reality is that CHS doesn't really play many games there in the first place. Reality is the town government maintains the field about as well as it maintains most public assets, i.e. poorly or not at all even if large sums of money are earmarked for maintenance too much stuff in town just doesn't cut it. Most recently we have trucks being gobbled up by sink holes on town roads etc.

Somehow there is a move in town to use the football field hundreds of times a year if it could just be covered in artificial turf first. Since there are only 365 days in a year one just has to wonder how this football field could be used hundreds of times a year for its originally intended purpose since football is mostly played in the fall.

The town as well as the school system could do everyone a real favor by refocusing on basics in this time of incredible financial and economic turmoil. Count me as one tax payer who does not one cent of tax money, local or state, spent on a turf field until and unless the town pool fiasco across the street is brought under control. Cut the town subsidy to the pool by just a few hundred thousand a year and it will provide the needed revenue stream for whatever needs to be done for a football field without raising anyone's taxes for it. Those wishing to swim should be happy to pay their fair share for the use of a local pool in the first place. And most importantly get back to basics for once.

Contoured Views said...


First of all, I know quite a bit what I am talking about when it comes to yale's fields. The practice football field gets use by the Freshman, JV and Varsity teams everyday from the beginning of August until November. You take a ride over there today and you will see it in pristine condition. this is beacause they have proper drainage, they rake it out each day and over seed it twice a week.
To say that is because they have students who pay $50K a year (it is actually more) is a ridiculous argument. We are a town for God's sake. 1/3 the use is not an accurate number. Based on what the turf people are telling us, the field is only used 90 times a year. The Yale fields are used that many times in a 4 month period.

The most ridiculous statement you made is "Turf is totally low maintenance. You don't need much of anything to maintain a turf field."
And you are an expert on turf??
Go look at this site and see what the real costs to properly maintain an artificial turf field: Artificial Turf Costs
There it is in black and white. 2004-2005 it cost $22,760. Granted, we may not need all the bells and whistles, but if you want it to last long enough then it needs to be properly maintained. Then you also need equipment, which will be a minimum of $8,000. Add to those costs the $70,000 that Bob Behrer said needs to be put aside for the replacement.
So, to say there isn't much maintenance cost is totally wrong. Where are you getting that information from?
Show me a place that has artiicial turf that has "low" maintenance costs.
How much money do you think we can generate from additional use of the turf? Did you listen to Bob Behrer? He said they may be able to raise $20k a year, and that's a big "may".
Perhaps you should crunch some numbers again before you realize that this will be another pool fiasco.

Bill said...

If you want the education to prepare your spoiled kids for life then focus on academics and not athletics. Look at the basic chance of a high school student making a career in sports...oh that is not possible because the local school systems math program is so poor the students cannot be taught those calculations without a math tutor; paid by the parents, outside of school.

Anonymous said...

i noticed the helmet,yes i did. i also noticed the uniform the boy was wearing you cut out.