Monday, May 18, 2009

April 14 Council meeting now online

The April 14 Town Council meeting video is now online. I thank Sheldon Dill for making the service happen.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God!

I was just in the Cheshire Underground Town Hall. the following is posted there

Certified Cheshire teaching staff were budgeted for:

124 positions paying between $81,000 and $90,100

92 positions paying between $71,000 and $79,600.

This is for less than 180 partial days a year. And, this greedy bunch got 4.4% increases for each 3 year contract.

What's wrong with the school board and the 5 Dems on the town Council?
They shovel out money to staff and at the same time take money from the parents to pay for activity fees? Shame on the teachers, the school board and the 5 Dums on the council.

I never, never ever want to hear any of these people say a budget cut will hurt the children.

Outsource education and let this group try to find a real job at half that salary and work 230 days for 8 hrs a day.

I would like to thank the Underground Town Hall for making this information available.