Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Council meeting 10/13

It's late. I'm gonna hit the sack in a second. Please consider this an open forum (registration no longer required) on the Council meeting. I'd say the highlight was the turf vote. Was anyone watching? One good thing tonight... Tim Slocum's motion to redirect the turf grant to the locker rooms was not described as "preposterous."

I may comment on the meeting tomorrow, but not tonight.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim-wakeup! How did the vote play out?

Anonymous said...

Story in today's Meriden paper says the motion to redirect the state grant from turf to locker room was defeated 5-4 along party lines. I suspect most Cheshire voters will see that as "preposterous".

Anonymous said...

That vote may have assured Republicans will take control 11/3

Robert DeVylder Jr said...

Wake up people - Fritz said if we push to redirect this money we may lose it forever. No decision needs to be made today. Sit on the money, let the turf studies get completed and decide then. If the turf is hazardous, redirecting the funds will be easy.

Contoured Views said...

"Fritz said if we push to redirect this money we may lose it forever"
I would rather lose it forever and risk no turf.
Why shouldn't we try redirecting it now, especially since the locker rooms are in need of repair and are a health issue.
What happens if the $500K referendum is defeated? Do we continue to sit on a $525K grant for turf and not do anything about the unhealthy locker rooms?
I believe I am wide awake and my eyes are wide open looking at the big picture---redirect now or lose it--no need to sit on it.

Anonymous said...

Fritz is probably doing Altieri's bidding by discouraging the council from requesting a re-direction of funds. When the new council votes to request the re-direction, Fritz will be hard pressed to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Robert DeVylder Jr said...
Wake up people - Fritz said if we push to redirect this money we may lose it forever. No decision needs to be made today. Sit on the money, let the turf studies get completed and decide then. If the turf is hazardous, redirecting the funds will be easy.

October 14, 2009 10:48 AM

Why should we believe Fritz? How is it that Wallingford was able to redirect 2 grants?
"If the turf is hazardous, redirecting the funds will be easy."....Haven't you heard the turf committee already? Behrer said they got past the safety issue - all is good he says. At least that's what he wants everyone to believe.
Wake up Robert - the turf committee is FAKE and they'll do and say whatever they have to to get their field!! And the D's on the council are FAKE too - they claim they're waiting for a report from the turf committee but who are they kidding?? They will support the turf no matter what the cost is. It's all a big game and the taxpayers will be the losers.

Bill said...

The point lost was an open & honest discussion about prudent financial planning and the possibility of lowering the future tax rate increase if the 500k referendum passes. All too quickly it became an issue of for or against the turf. The issue was and still is does it make sense to redirect funds to pay for a higher priority item? What good is our process of capital planning if people feel they can go around it to get what they want? The discussion should have focused only on prudent use of funds not the proposed field. What did come out is how divided we are politically and socially on this issue. Is there no R that wants the turf field and is there no D that wants to redirect funds?

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

October 14, 2009 4:25 PM

I would have to believe Fritz knows more about this grant than you or I do. That said, I have to take her word over yours. Wallingford probably had different wording in the grant. Ours says we have to use it for the turf.

Personally, I can care less if we get turf or not.

"Haven't you heard the turf committee already?"

Yes, I have. My father is on it. We dont talk about it because he is against it if it is unsafe. I would rather wait for the safety reports that are being worked on to be completed.

For my own understanding, I want to know why we need it? We dont have the machinery needed to maintain it. Looking at public buildings in town, it appears we do not have the people to maintain the turf or existing lawns.

I've said before, we have 10 years to use the money. Let the studies get done and we can decide later. Shooting it down now can cost more later.

Anonymous said...

Ffter all the mass emails that were sent out this past week asking for people to attend, only 40 showed up.
Shouldn't that say something to the TC and the Turf Commttee??

Anonymous said...

Mass e-mails again? Did every coach or captain show up? This has to stop. It does not work anymore crying wolf. Grow up. How about a conflict of interest? Town councilor and football coach with the same last name????

Anonymous said...

"Ffter all the mass emails that were sent out this past week asking for people to attend, only 40 showed up.
Shouldn't that say something to the TC and the Turf Commttee??"

Yes, it says that the 40-1 turnout means people want the turf. These 40 were mostly, if not all, Democrats...How many Republicans showed up in force to contest these 40? Looks like 1 Republican (Susan) showed up.

Republican supporters are great keyboard warriors here but FAIL MISERABLY in actually showing up to support what's right.

The problem with the town republicans is not with the (R)candidates or incumbents but rather the lack-luster support republicans are showing these candidates be it at town meetings, campaigning or at the polls.

The Cheshire Democrats are well organized and much better organized than the republicans. They are motivated. Notice how quickly they got 40+ people to show up and support them last night? What do you think they're going to do on 11/3...with advanced notice?

Get off your butts and get to the polls on 11/3 and vote Republican. This is the only way to change what's going on in this town. Failure to do so will result in many more town meetings like this one.

Anonymous said...

Were you there?

Anonymous said...

40-1 doesn't show the towns wants it.
It shows that when the AD at the high school asks(tells) its coaches, players and their parents to come and support the turf, only some of them will listen. If my boss asked me to do something I would do it.

Perhaps the majority should get up off their butts and talk with the real people in this town. instead of waiting for them to come and meet them. Or at the very least, start their own blog so they can see that although some of us are "great keyboard warriors", we should still be heard.

Again....40 people out of a town of 29,000 does not tell me that this town is in favor of turf.

Unfortunately, too many people are clueless to understanding the ramifications. I can see 8 years after we install the turf, the town will be asked to put on a referendum to replace it again.

Anonymous said...

So the people that want turf are not real? I suppose those people in numbered uniforms representing Cheshire are not real. Or maybe those people dancing and marching with instruments who "they" consider "The Pride of Cheshire" are not real. Get real and get a life! Turf is necessary and we need it now!

Anonymous said...

Turf is necessary and we need it now!

October 15, 2009 3:58 PM

lol Wake up and go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

3:58 p.m. turf is not needed and in fact the town survived and prospered for many years without turf.

I will agree with you on one point though, if you happen to be one of the many local businesses which extract more then just amounts for services to townspeople in association with real estate development and local home services or building services. No doubt you'd see a brand new fake green high school playing field as an attractor of willing housing buyers into a town just getting ready to jettison 1,000 high paying jobs.

In case you are clueless the jobs but not the local workers will be moving to places with a climate that is already R-E-A-L when it comes to what really makes things go, business. In CT of course our crazy Democratic super majority has developed a brand of crazy bonding for money we don't really have which then requires us to spend even more than was bonded in order to get the 'seed' money in the first place.

Not to worry, at the start of the current state budget cycle it is only low on cash by only $500 million+. Maybe it's time to give back the $525 thousand and just spend some time growing grass on our playing fields. After all they have served the town since 1954.

Anonymous said...

IF we put in this field, how many jobs is the B.O.E. willing to give up to cover the expenses?

Anonymous said...

I passed by the pool today. What a shame all that heat we are wasting. The steam above the pool made it looked like a huge hot tub. Maybe we can boast as having the largest hot tub in CT. The hot tub capitol. Let's not make the same mistake with the turf. I don't feel like driving by in the future and feel the same way about our community field. Think this out please.

Bill said...

The Republicans will not gain the majority until they break away from their control partner; the Masonic Lodge. The Republicans have hitched their wagons to this criminal organization and it has finally caught up with them.

Anonymous said...

I guess you believe the "Di Vinci Code" to be true?