Sunday, October 04, 2009

Introducing the newest CT Senate candidate...

From the NYTimes' Raymond Hernandez:

She emerges from an apparent coma and kicks her cheating husband in the groin. In a showdown with her daughter, she goes flying to the mat after her daughter smacks her in the face. And, after a black-booted bald man hoists her feet-first in the air, she falls on her back, bouncing slightly in her business suit before splaying helplessly on the ground.

As Linda E. McMahon and her husband built a small family business into the billion-dollar empire of World Wrestling Entertainment, she was more than its chief executive: She was sometimes a character in its wrestling matches’ soap-opera style story lines involving family quarrels, infidelity and, of course, mock violence.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Bottom line: She's a fraud!

Anonymous said...

what has she contributed to civilization? barbaric behavior as 'entertainment' which millions of kids imitate and think of as normal. most such icons of popular, barbaric culture support the Democrats(hip-hop 'artists').