Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pool bubble alternative discussion

For those of you who missed the discussion, here is the motion that I made:

Whereas, (in relation to the Cheshire Community Pool) the Cheshire Town Council wants to save money, conserve energy, improve air quality and protect the existing building;

Therefore, be it resolved, the Town Council directs the Town Manager to prepare and issue
a request for information (RFI) for alternatives to the bubble; and

Be it resolved, the Town Council directs the Town Manager to include alternative financing options (for example,
performance contracts) for the bubble alternatives in the RFI; and

Be it resolved, the Town Council directs the Town Manager to complete this RFI by May 31, 2009, so that the information may be used in the first year of the 2009/2010 Annual Capital Expenditure Budget.

And here is the discussion that ensued:

Tim White
Town Council, Energy Commission liaison


Anonymous said...

What's the problem with these 5 people? All of a sudden the TM has a "brain freeze" and doesn't understand. Give me a break. This problem needs attention and fast before more money is wasted. Do something please.

Anonymous said...

F&S Oil Co

I'm totally confused about who owns what. I'm just wondering if that is what is supposed to happen.

Ned Bowman says he sold Village Oil in 2004 , yet the New haven Register reports that in 2007 he and Carr told them that they were business partners. It seems that in 2007 that Ned Bowman was involved with F&S in regard to the proposed biofuel plant and the state loan. Didn't the Cheshire herald have a story on the biofuel plant?

The land on which the biofuel plant is to built on is owned by Cheshire Investment Corp. Cheshire Investment Corp is owned by Paul Bowman and James Bowman. Paul Bowman says he does not know who owns the biofuel plant, yet Cheshire Investment Corp got approval last week from P&Z to install two storage tanks and a generator, even though F&S owns the plant.

Help, Help, nothing makes any senses. Who can unravel the mystery. I'm sure Paul would like to find out who owns the biofuel plant that is on his property.

Did the news reports screw this up and there is a simple explanation to all of this?

For one of the NHR stories see

For another story, see today's 3/17NHR.

Anonymous said...

The town manager doesnt know what an RFI is? If this man worked in corporate america he would be unemployed......unreal...

Anonymous said...

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