Sunday, February 08, 2009

To answer the Herald - it's because they're intoxicated with power

In November 2006, the Town Council voted to waste $20,000 on that pool consultant. With the Council voting to throw away that money so that the report would be expeditiously delivered before the March 2007 budget discussions, the report was promptly delivered in May 2007.

Fast forward to February 2009 and the Herald asks an appropriate question:

The consultants submitted their findings to the Town on May 1, 2007 suggesting that the bubble be replaced with a more energy-efficient enclosure. So, really, didn't the Town Council know what needed to be done 18 months ago?

Yes. The Town Council knew exactly what needed to be done. But the Council wanted to ignore the issue no matter what it would take! Unfortunately, I forced their hand with my incomprehensible request for information.

The Herald editorial continues:

Why waste more time and money on this?

Because they just don't know what to do about the pool... and they believe wasting time and money will help them get reelected in November. And that's their true goal. They want to be reelected because several of them are intoxicated with power.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

hey, never mind the pool,
just gimme turf, turf, turf.
love, Matt

ps: enjoy your reassessments!
money really does grow on trees.

Bill said...

If politicians really did their job properly, with absolute honesty and no conflict of interest, they would not have to worry about getting re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Information MUST be the undoing of the current status quo Council. It's all out there; we just have to get it and act upon it. Those men who signed their names and risked their lives and fortunes 230 years ago would be incredulous as to how things are going in this little town of ours and how irresponsibly our citizenry responds. The Sewer Pump Station is the perfect analogy. Keep cranking it along without concern, keep pumping the flow of waste, until it finally bursts, breaks open, and all the effluent overflows. It's the working model of our local economy and our town government. ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

The true barometer as to whether or not they are re-elected or not will be how they handle this budget.
The pool seems to be on the back burner because they now have the excuse that we can't afford it in these tough economic times.

Realistically, who will be seeking re-election and when do they have to announce by?

tim white said...

Realistically, who will be seeking re-election and when do they have to announce by?

Historically, besides incumbents telling friends that they intend to run again... and the occasional article "announcing" the retirement of an incumbent... you won't see anything about who plans to run.

Of course, The Tubes are likely changing that.

I haven't asked him, but I heard two more people this weekend tell me that Matt Hall was not running again. And during a Council meeting last year, Matt Hall made a comment that he would not be in the same seat two years from then... in other words, he said he's not running again.

As for when the candidates will be known... state law governs the timing of the party conventions. And that will probably be in mid to late July.

I have no idea when non-major party candidates would announce anything.

Cindy Kleist recently blogged about her intention to not run... but things change. So I don't know.