Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cheshire Police Union basketball game fundraiser

Tonight was the night for the CPU fundraiser. I had a ton of fun. Yeah, it was pretty corny... but it was still pretty darn funny. Nicest thing I saw though was that despite the recent "no confidence" vote by the union, the CPD management* participated in the event as well. So while there are some extremely serious issues, the officers of the CPD continue to do their job with a strong camaraderie. The FD and others also got into the act.

The game included a halftime show that really was a show... while a few adults got gamed by the Superstars... a few peapots "won" the halftime activities with performances like this. It was really funny.

Here are a few pics from the game:

And here's a short video clip of the Harlem Superstars:

Tim White

* I don't know all the officers, but I did recognize Captain Vignola and Deputy Chief Popevich (sp??).

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