Thursday, July 09, 2009

David Schrumm's letter on Richmond Glen

David and I have had some very public differences in the past, but I agree with him on his letter in today's Herald. In fact, I called him to thank him. The letter was strong, but entirely appropriate.

In particular, I liked the paragraph:

If the leaders of this community are so cowed into silence by a developer's legal tactic, they should quit and perhaps serve the Town in a capacity where courage in the defense of town residents is not needed. Was it really fear of the lawsuit or a convenient favor to the development community, who makes campaign contributions and provide work for real estate attorneys?

Word to David: Haven't you been paying attention?


David now has a problem though. Several inhabitants of The Gated Castle - and other members of Cheshire's Political Class - must be furious with him! David commits heresy! How dare he?!

Of course, I'm already on their naughty list.

I can guess as to what they're thinking: How dare Councilman White request fair market value for the easement?! Fair market value? Fair market value! Mr. White is an extortionist! Be gone, Mr. White! Cheshire's Political Class has had enough of you.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"...perhaps serve the Town in a capacity where courage in the defense of town residents is not needed. ..."

There are no town jobs fitting this description for either elected or paid leaders. It is time for the town leaders who oversaw and allowed this outcome to leave for pastures more fertile to their personal ways and preferably far away from here.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we just a wee bit full of ourselves?

Anonymous said...

The Richmond Glen deal stinks just as the fake turf committee does also.

Anonymous said...

The Dems in Town are ruining Cheshire just like the Dems in Washington are ruining the country.

Anonymous said...

Milone ( The Boss), Hall (Exalted Ruler), and Voelker ( The Developers Assistant) sure know how to slip things through. They sure are not working for the people of Cheshire.

tim white said...

As far as I know, Bill V had nothing to do with pushing this sweetheart deal... and I think David would agree with me on that point.

Anonymous said...

Milone cannot do anything (above day to day operations) without the councils say-so and Hall is just 1 vote regardless of being "mayor" or not. Time to stop all the conspiracy theories and try to help manage this town. If Tim put as much effort into effectively being a council member as he does blaming everyone else, he would probably be considered for a higher position.

tim white said...

"If Tim put as much effort into effectively being a council member as he does blaming everyone else"

Blaming everyone else?

Who is everyone? If by everyone, you mean Cheshire's Political Class, then I won't argue. But if you mean the Council, I ask - who is "everyone?"

I think I have a pretty good relationship with most Council members.

And as far "without the councils say-so," that's the whole point of withholding and controlling the information... then you control the agenda.

1) The Corruption Memo
2) The Richmond Glen memoranda

the list goes on...

If the Council doesn't know... it need not "say so."

But since you apparently spend more time on this blog than I do, I'm sure you already know all this.

And I mean this to be helpful, you seem obsessed with this blog. You may want to speak with friends / family about that. It's not healthy, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Bill V has integrity..don't besmirch him. Dave S has done a HUGE service to the interesting to see how the Hearld responds in ther editorial--whther or not it will be a "Weekly Reader" response or the "NYTimes" response as in thedays of Al Loeb

Anonymous said...

Are you a psychologist now?

Anonymous said...

Hall is just 1 vote regardless of being "mayor" or not

You must be one of them to say that.
Yes, he does have his own vote, but he also thinks and speaks for the others. He is the puppeteer and pulls the strings for all of them.

You can't be serious to think he doesn't have more power then anyone else.

Tim is not afraid to voice his opinion and that is why he may not get places in his political life. To move up the rungs you have to lie and cheat, he isn't willing to do that. Thank God!

Anonymous said...

Mayor in this town is just a cerimonial position. It holds no power above or beyond that of any council member. All he does as mayor is run the meeting. Stretton came to understand that when he was trying to set up a mayors office in town hall years back. Please explain what extra powers he does have as it was ade quite clear in the past.

Anonymous said...

Please explain what extra powers he does have as it was ade quite clear in the past.
Seeing you are a little slow to understand, I will try to explain this slowly...

Hall is the pupeteer for the other dems on the council. He tells them how to vote and they say "yes master".
Do you really think Ecke, Altieri, DeCaprio and Dill could think for themselves?

That, my friend, is POWER.

Anonymous said...

But on just about every topic, there is a puppet master for either side. The Dems decide how they want to vote, and usually the Republicans just do the opposite. Are you really going to tell me that Sheldon Dill was a republican for so many years and now will just do as he is told? I dont buy it. Sounds like you guys are grasping for straws.

Anonymous said...

Does Dill vote along the party lines now?
Do you really think Hall, Ecke, etc. would have chosen Dill if they didn't have his word that he would vote along party lines with him??You are living in a bubble if you believe he would go against the Dems.
Wasn't Dill the one who recused himself from one vote because the business that would benefit was a member of the chamber, but didn't recuse himself from the vote on the easement, even though the builder is a member?

You have no clue if you don't see that as power.

Sure, republicans may also vote along the party line on most things, but they aren't the majority. The majority leader will always hold the power and that is Hall right now.

Learn a little bit about politics...

Anonymous said...

So by that thinking, if the republicans were to win the majority everyone would be calling for the mayor to be replaced too? Who is pulling the republicans strings?

Anonymous said...

There have been times where Slocum or Sima or White have voted with the majority, there isn't a blatant across party voting the way there is with the current majority. Give me 1 example when 1 of them crossed their party.

If the Republicans become the majority (we can only hope), we and expect more fiscal responsibility in a very difficult economy. We can also expect no favortism for developers the way this majority has embarassingly done.

Anonymous said...

back in '95, the town "lost" a quarter of a million dollars that is unaccountable while the republicans were in control. Are they really the better party? They are as guilty as the dems of being fiscally irresponsable and non-transparent.

Anonymous said...

The Richmond Glen deal is criminal. The DEP says no to the development and the town sells itself out for a few dollars. This needs to be reversed.