Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turmelle on the horse race

The NHRs Luther Turmelle gives this recap of Election 2009, including:

“I think the bigger issue here is management in general,” White said, adding his biggest concern is the recent no confidence vote by the town’s police union against Chief Michael Cruess. “The town manager has had a year to address this and attempts at mediation have failed. The council needs to act immediately and my recommendation is to hire an independent investigator and get the facts and comments of all the principals involved.”

For the record, I think the issue that needs to be fixed is management. But since I'm only one of nine - and action requires five Council members - my second choice is an impartial, independent investigator.

And also... considering that the bond rating upgrade is being hailed with great fanfare, I hope you take a look at this June 2009 post. One of the truly honest and memorable quotes from 2009:

“Ratings agencies just abjectly failed in serving the interests of investors,” SEC Commissioner Kathleen Casey says. (Bloomberg News, by David Evans and Caroline Salas)

The ratings agencies should be immediately redacted from all US law. They are at the heart of America's economic meltdown... right up there with my "buddies" at The Squid Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve.

Tim White


Contoured Views said...

It amazes me that the editorial staff of the Herald chose not to endorse Tim because he is outspoken and has a blog.
My God, what is this town coming to?

If it were not for this blog, many of us would not be informed as to what is actually going on here. Perhaps if some TC member read this back in April, they would not have felt "blidsided" by the vote of no confidence.

To say that Tim's questionin is unprofessional is probably one of the most unprofessional journalistic viewpoints I have ever heard. Should Tim have sat back and just gone along with everyone as they renewed our town manager's contract? Should he have gone along with allowing the TC to award a $10 easement to certain developers? Should he have sat back and watched as the democratic majority passed a 4.4% increase to the teachers while we were entering into one of the worst economic times of our lives?

It is quite amazing that this paper would endorse someone just because they think he won't be as outspoken.

I want someone who will ask the difficult questions representing me.

I, for one, would rank Tim as the #1 member we have and need on the council. I hope his district will see it that way too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they will. If you honestly compare all the candidates the cream will rise to the top.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tim can put a link to the article that was in today's Waterbury Republican that gives details of how, because of Town mistakes, CT Combustion has sued the Town of Cheshire claiming that bids were "rigged" (Norton Boiler job). For those that followed that incident, I'm sure they'll agree that CT Combustion has a good case and that thanks to the Dems that project cost way more than it should have.
Great job dems!

Anonymous said...

According to your blog, the NHR quoted you as recommending the Town hire an independent investigator concerning the police issue.
Why is it that you have not made such a recommendation regarding the Lilac Drive Pump Station, nor the road re-paving, nor the Norton School Boiler Replacement fiasco? Is it possibly that it would be found that the Council is largely responsible for these issues, costing the taxpayers dearly?