Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Asking for permission or forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission.

And did any of you notice that the vote to waste more money on the pool came when the option to reduce spending was gone? I mean... as of June 24, it was a little late to reduce spending... other than telling staff to stay home for a week... which, presumably, would have reduced revenue... and would not have closed the $20,000 gap.

IMO, the time to vote to waste more money on the pool was when it was still possible to reduce wasteful spending... back before the bubble was removed.

But did we have a discussion then? No.

Why? Because when it comes to the pool... the majority has no leadership.

Make no mistake... the decision to waste more money on the pool was a conscious decision to ask for forgiveness - rather than to ask for permission - to waste more money on the pool. But in fairness to the majority... that conscious decision may not have been made by them. It may have just been another example of their beloved rubber stamp:Tim White

p.s. There was a bubble study meeting tonight... may have an update later. Though Cindy was there, so you may find some commentary over at the Underground Town Hall.... also one other thing I noticed during the meeting was that the Clerk of the Council was comfortable taking the floor and speaking during the meeting... and that's a topic I may discuss at a later time. Not now though... I'm going to sleep.


Anonymous said...

The why don't the R's take a stand and be bold about an issue? Stand up and walk out on a council meeting. Do something people will take notice of. People in this town are crying out for leadership. The R's have the chance to do that.

It's time to man up!

Anonymous said...

There now is a need for a public display to bring attention to this wasteful spending spree. We do not need a turf field, we need to fix other things. We should take the turf field money and buy home heating oil for the poor and less well off in our town this winter.

Anonymous said...

How could they take that money and use it for something like turf is beyond me ....