Monday, May 04, 2009

Some comments on the teachers' union

It seems difficult to find information regarding Saturday's apparent election for the leadership of the state teachers' union. But our own local union president is definitely among their current leadership.

And he definitely got Cheshire residents upset last week with his comments. I kinda wonder if any of the four Council members who supported the current teachers' contract now have doubts?

The people in town with whom I've spoke recently are not happy about that contract. But hey... the Council was giving out raises in the 5-7% range this year. Maybe the Council majority felt the 4.4% raises were quite frugal in this environment?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Leake is a disgrace!
He has no clue what is going on in this town if he honestly believes that there is no recession in Cheshire.
What area of expertise does he have? It certainly isn't economics.

I know that if I were a teacher (especially one living in this own) I would't want him representing me. It is union leaders like himself that cause the public to dislike what the teachers are making. He makes them seem very greedy.

Anonymous said...

The entire education system is run solely for the benefit of the teachers. Drastic reform is needed to overcome this monopoly. Leake only serves the teachers and his own political goals.

Government is totally broken. It is run for the benefit of the supposed public servants who view the citizens as a cash cow that is they can milked to death.

Anonymous said...

As long as the teachers union has the power that it does nothing will ever be done. I'm sick and tired of all the "for the children" speakers. Children have nothing to do with it, money is the only thing that speaks. Our elected officials are paid handsomely in campaign funds to keep everything as it is, so money speaks for them as well.

Bill said...

The verbal reply provided by Mr.Leake showed the true position of the union...leadership. As far as the union members go the longer your in the union the more you support a position as outlined by Mr. Leake.

The education union needs to be broken just like the air traffic controllers and the soon to be auto workers.

Education should be converted to private enterprise.