Friday, May 15, 2009

Energy Commission agenda 5/18/09


A. Energy Management Projects

1. Community Pool – RFP for an energy efficient building; operating efficiencies
2. New boiler for Hitchcock-Phillips house – status
3. Cheshire Public Library – PO for energy efficient upgrades
4. Highland School energy model – computer time management software; Installation of TV monitor controls in other schools
5. HVAC units at Highland School – status of rebid
6. Vending Miser/Snack Miser vending machine controls – Dan Marseglia
7. Power Purchase Agreement – extension thru 12/1/14 @ $9.485/kWh

B. Benchmarking
1. Energy Star Portfolio Manager – data entry; demographics; demonstration

C. Street Lights & Traffic Lights

D. Publicity/Education/Outreach
1. CEC web page ( – content; hits
2. News articles and letters to the editor

E. Clean Energy
1. 20% by 2010 campaign – status; marketing strategies
2. 5 kW solar system at library – performance
3. 1 kW solar system – need host
4. Sustainable Energy Analytics, LLC - speaker

F. PBC Projects
1. CHS elevator – status
2. Dodd food service upgrades

G. Grants, Rebates, & Utility Programs

H. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA 2009) – preliminary guidelines released; UI Forum - Getting the Most Out of the ARRA (Stimulus) – 6/1/09; resident inquiry about tax credit

I. CL&P Energy Reliability Program

Green school bill - modernize, renovate, and repair public school facilities


Anonymous said...

Tim, what do you know about the "re-bid" for the A/C at Highland School? What happened to the original bid? I'm hearing that a certain local plumbing company is getting this job too...hmmm.

tim white said...

I'm not sure. I haven't spoken with the Energy Chair about meeting, but want to do so.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I did hear about it (the a/c job) was that supposedly when the it first went out to bid someone didn't like something about the bids and wanted an architect to look at the job (of course costing even more money) and then it was rebid..sounds fishy to me...what else is new?!

Anonymous said...

Is that why Matt Bowman was wining and dining Ecke at Yellowfins Friday nite?

Anonymous said...

re: Yellowfins ecke & bowman...and TCM Altieri says "there is NO CORRUPTION in Cheshire...

ALSO, whey not shut building down COMPLETLY--all power on weekends and vaction (heat also during non winter months) like MANY private businesses ae doing That saves big $$$$