Saturday, May 09, 2009

Williams on Gaffey & Deluca: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

The WRA editorial board tattooed Cheshire's senior Senator, Tom Gaffey. I'm glad they took him to task. He absolutely deserves it because the state Senate President, Don Williams, will stop at nothing to protect Gaffey.

I disagree though on the comparison to the 2007 DeLuca affair. If memory serves me, Don Williams was quite happy to ignore former Senator Deluca's "indiscretions" for several months. Frankly, I think Williams ignoring both Deluca and Gaffey simply proves the case that Hartford is infested with its own Political Class.

Once you are given a seat Under the Gold Dome, the other members of Hartford's Political Class care little about what you do. You're then a member of the club and your constituents are told they should:

Actually, I do commend Speaker Donovan. Though he tried to fulfill his end of a quid pro quo by giving Crusher a $120,000 / yr no-show job, the Speaker did act when Rep. O'Rourke got charged in the January death of Carol Sinisgalli.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Gaffey is a double dipping errand boy for the CEA.

Anonymous said...

Tim White is an idiot

Anonymous said...

Someone has been spamming "Tim White is an idiot" on several posts, even on the Mother's Day post.

Dear Spammer: by all means run for Council as a Democrat! They're looking for people of your 3rd Grade intellectual capacity who just give the finger instead of discussing the substance of issues.

You'll fit perfectly into their programs of no fiscal impact studies, put-nothing-in-writing, ask no questions, and vote as we tell you.